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It showed the questions weird because you were in fullscreen lmao

It was a really cute game. Definitely would pay money for something like this if it were longer and had a bit more variety. Good start though :)

If you'd like to know how to finish without the police suspecting you at all, leave the wallet where it is and implicate Sarah. Don't mop up the blood. Go to the table on the far right and get the key. Ask Sarah to leave and say that the cat is back. As soon as she's out of sight, drag the body in the back. Then grab the knife and put it with the other knives. Drag the body into the freezer. When the police ask why you asked Sarah to leave, say you didn't.

Perfectly in the clear uwu

Was just wondering if you were going to be releasing heartbound for mac anytime soon or at all in the future. I've been a huge fan of this game and donated a bit of my savings heh, but just now realized it isn't for mac. Sorry to be a bother, just curious

Dear Creators, 

From what I've seen of the playthroughs, it looks like an amazing, well made game. I'd love to play it ^w^ Was wondering if it were going to come out for Mac anytime soon? Or ever? But either way, nice job on this game, it turned out really well.

Sincerely, Kay

Aww. That's sad. I understand though

Hi there. I was wondering if you were going to release the working English version for Mac. Would really love to play this game ^-^

Such a well made game. Loved the detail and thought put into it. <3 

I have a Mac and tried to download the English version, but it won't open. It says the product is damaged and can't be opened and then proceeds to move it to trash. Really want to play this game because it looks amazing!!

Amazing game!! It'd be nice if you could make it longer with some romance, but still good nonetheless! Keep up the good work <3

Amazing game, absolutely loved it!! So far I've only played 18 hours, but I will totally be playing a lot more. So far I've gotten to the end with Pran and Everett as my boyfriend and now I'm doing Kam just to get the headphones lol.

Super excited for when this game sells 1,000 copies (I think that's right...?) so that Lucas will be a part of the game!! Love him so much <3 

I couldn't find much wrong with the game and genuinely love playing it. Great job, keep up the good work <3