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next update when?

this got virus...that's tuff

Angie cupboard scene doesn't make sense at bruh when the hell they get naked?????

it's a shame it doesn't work on Android 11

so when the next version comes out?

how to make the menu appears again once you hide it?

how many scene that available in this version?

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that woohoo dialogue is so cringe wtf😂😂😂😂 i thought they stop using that shit...

haven't play this game in a .this guy still saying woohoo?

i do know how to end the game...but getting the scene is confusing

is there any walkthrough in this fuckin confused

damn 😐

Android 10

so how this work?do i have to download the old version of the game or the latest version has all the chapter?cause i been downloading the chapter 5 recently and that shit won't load me to main menu

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wtf... why first sex scene got skip automatically... what happened? and some character are not in the place they supposed to be there??? 

so whats new about this update?

img/animations/StateUp1.png failed to load... wtf happened???? 

how the fuck you win the blackjack game...the succubus always got

does anyone know what is the scene at the upper right next to the ares?