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ye my guy

not virus




this isnt a mod

its not a scam bruh

No don't puke! Oh, sorry, just tryna pretend to care because no one else does.

it doesnt give a virus

btw i am not saying 1985 is when people came up with the idea of flipphone im just sayin you being kinda stupid

1985: flipphone. now.

you probably: we already have flipphone.

dont thinkpads usually use windows?

it works without it

it works this was made in 2021 bruh is it really that hard to read the date on the youtube video

its not a virus its like a glitch for some people dunno how it happens tho

im so dumb i was about to reply "they are already in" then i realized you said week5

thats space, do backspace

your pressing space, press BACKspace

the rope thing on a bomb is called a fuse, just looked it up

it worked fine for me

i think they mean they wanted lemon demon next instead of senpai

calm down man no need to bring others down to tell them something

senpai now

use wine (not the drink, the thing made for linux)

thats the other button bruh q is quality

its because its from an unrecognized developer because you have to pay to put your name on a program or something i think i dont remember how it works i know the dev has to pay in some way to remove that message. thats why indie games always have that warning


also figure it out yourself i dont even fully understand it becuz i used a tutorial but files have to be ".intlang" (please please please use .intlang you can use whatever but it look cool when it .intlang)