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Is it possible to flirt with everyone in one gameplay ? Like to get most of their illustrations, and even be involved in the poly relationships in one session? Or is there a specific order I need to flirt with them with? Are there any bad repercussions if I flirt with all of them at the same time?

The story itself was beautiful , the psychological tugs and pulls are what made the game so good. The only negative thing about the game was the unnecessarily long dialogue. There were points where they wasted time on things that had no effect on future events. The problem with having overly descriptive text is the way it would un-immerse  you from the game. If you were to come out with a remastered  version of the game i would recommended keeping the paragraphs short and to the point, if it wasn't added to advance the plot it probably shouldn't be there.

Hey so I was wondering if it's possible to romance every person or max out the relationship with everyone? I'm playing Jon's route and I think I have the possibility of romancing 4 characters (I don't remember lol); can I romance all four or do I have to choose just one person? 

soo is this game going to be continued 

Angels & Demigods community · Created a new topic yoo
do you need a vr set to play 

is this the demo or full game