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Many VN Games usually don't mention the 3D Software they use to make the game, so I would like to know what software this game uses.

Hello, I want to know what software you use for the 3D Render. 

I kinda want to try making one myself, lol. 

Maybe I also can share my "lewd" fantasies in the future.

Hello Caribdis, I really really like your game and especially this game. 

The story is so good and not make me irritated or mad because the protagonist actually think instead of doing something so dumb (Eternum too) 

Btw, what software did you use for the 3D Animation? I haven't seen something like what you use, usually it always bad and blurry but your game is clear and looks High Quality

Cheers, Brooklyn. 

Ah, Ok. Thanks for the reply. 

Hello, I just recently stumbled upon this game, but how do I download the First Episode and all? Because I'm pretty sure I need to play those first.

Hello, is someone know what software does this game use to make the Picture? Is it Honey Select? Please do tell me.

Surprisingly a very good game, the story is quite interesting and I also really like the art.

I thought the game would be just a quick 60 Minutes and then I would forget it in just a few days but I've replayed the game about 2 times.

Really enjoyed it, I will wait for other games made by you.

First, I want to say thank you very much for making Yuri VN Game because I really like all of your games.

Second, Thank you for making games on Ren'Py

Third, I really really like this game, Hibiki and Kotone are a very cute couple and I really really like it and also I really like the last picture after finishing the game.

I also play this game with JoiPlay because I can't play this game on my PC (If I play Yuri Game on PC I'm afraid my parents will know, lol).

I finished the game and I really enjoyed the game and then I saw the preview image for this game and there are Sprites and others but they don't appear in JoiPlay so basically I miss Hibiki and Kotone Sprites while playing the game, but everything else still appear except the Characters Sprite but it's okay because the story is really good!!

Ah, Thanks.

Ah, so that's not for the MC.

Thanks for answering.

Is this Lesbian or what? I mean the tag is Lesbian but also Male Protagonist.

Does anyone know what software she uses for the 3D Images?