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I agree, because if there's level editor (i know it exist by just pressing 7 while in a level) you can share it in the steam workshop, and if you got updates you just get it immediately, without reinstalling the game.

well *OOF* okay then...

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Hey, dave... can you add this game on steam? i don't know how to buy a game in :|

Edit: if it's already on steam can you give me the link?

Yeah boi.

Can be say a lot? IDK, but apparently if the camera enter thin wall that happen.

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Wow... looks like the game it's getting better. Can you add this to the game(if you want to), so i walk down a hill and then i saw a running animation to my character. So... can you add a sprint/run to the game? I know how but i don't know how to explain {:(.

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Well this game is amazing, i beat everything first try unless for "the white cathedral" there to many blind spot so i can't see the nun(mother Elizabeth).

Easter egg: i found 3 easter egg, pickle man, Nosferatu, and Doncin crob.

This is so amazing. I can't wait for the full game. Keep on the spirit!

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Nice! The spawn are now better. Are you working on the camera? Sounds like the camera is the hardest... Keep the spirit on!

Am i sound like your dad or teacher?


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This game is amazing feel like i am playing COD. but i just encounter something missing, on TPS mode when the camera enter thin wall the wall will block the vision. So... can you add a script for that?

This game is amazing but i just encounter 2 glitch.

Glitch 1: i don't know if this sound like a glitch. The camera always move when shooting or near a explosion, so it's kinda suck while trying to aim.

Glitch 2:sometime when i press enter i won't spawn.