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This actually looks like fun. I'll update this comment after I get a chance to play! 

Edit: Honestly, this could be something to work on. It was good, though a bit awkward.

Check the Sidequest store, they have an app you can download so you don't need a phone for "unknown" sources.

It's all good. You're under no obligations here, the fact that you do it at all is awesome.

Well this looks like it might be fun, if not just a bit cathartic.

Oh, a revamp of this with some sort of basic firearm for the one hand would make this so cool...

Currently Downloading. Do you mind if I post some short review clips on my Tiktok? I only have about 815 followers, but I average between 200-1000 views.

You are blatantly disregarding the facts I have laid before you, as far as points A & B are concerned. You can still hold you unusual grudge towards the art style, but that's just what it is; art. And guess what? Art won't always blow your mind; sometimes, art just gets a reaction, and apparently, it gets such a strong reaction out of you; you decided to go so far out of your way to lambast a FREE game, whereas you can easily see the opinions are overwhelmingly positive. Just because you don't like it, for personal opinionated reasons, doesn't mean you have to attack those that like it, or even want to give it a shot.

This looks quite fun; I'll give it a download, and give you some feedback on it, in a couple of days!

Because not everybody can:

A. Afford a high-tier PC capable of running Virtual Reality AND Java Minecraft; Most VR Rigs cost almost $500 without the added computer, which can easily run up to $1000 with just the minimum VR specs;

B. Not a lot of people want to do the overly-complex task of modding an Oculus Quest to run the SamsungVR version of Minecraft, just to keep needing a Xbox controller(or other bluetooth input).

And the game does not look awful, at all. That character model, absolutely doesn't look nice, but the average appearance of the game is better than most of the same genre(of minecraft clones; take Voxel Works Quest, for example).

This has insane potential! Plays nice and smooth, and I really think if you even just modeled the play after the old Wii Sports baseball, then you would have a recipe for a solid game. Just pitching, and batting. Maybe coordinate the ABXY buttons with pitch types, and go from there?

It finally installed, lol. Will post a review once I get about an hour out of it.

Fair enough. I'm trying to get started, and indie games are the first place I'm checking.

Huh. I read that post twice, and somehow missed that link.

Maybe via a Discord, or something. And if there already is a Discord for suggestions, I need it, lol.

I figured it might be a bit more complicated for that, lol. But that would be awesome to do. I think what would be cool, would be to hold like a big thing while you develop it, to see what sorts of tools, weapons, special things, that people would wish to have in the game. Like, for me, some update in the swordplay would be amazing, as the katana fell flat in PP1. Specifically in that it did almost no damage(seemingly) unless you stabbed the droid. That, or just throw in a lightsaber knockoff, lol.

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I guess no modding capabilities will be added, sadly? That could turn this, or PP2, into the gmod of the Oculus Quest/VR.

You know, after playing almost endlessly for a few months, I would say this: even if it is never finished, I think just slapping in an AI controlled sparring partner would make this game all it needs to be. I literally get entertained just with this little demo, haha.

Can you play offline?

Awesome, thanks for the reply. ^_^ Also, do you take music submissions? I offer people free songs to use in their projects.

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Having issues with SideQuest; won't install the game, saying it's an older APK. Edit: Nevermind, I see your post only mentions the Quest 2; sucks, but I'll likely try again if I can get one for the holidays.

Ah, I understand ya. Sorry for the late response, I forgot I had an account on here, lol.

Side question, would you take any music submissions? Just generally royalty free stuff, but I write music, if you're ever looking for something as placeholder.

Is this version newer than the sidequest version? I was wondering because the thumbnails are different from what I get.

Could we possibly look forward to a Quest release?