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Thank you so much for you feedback.

Messages like that keep us going! 


Yes: press fire button while booting your c64, then release it. It will bring up a menu to erase your progress

thanks a lot, and glad you noticed.

A lot of time went into tuning the difficulty curve :)

Yes, that is the game difficulty in general. Every time you clear a floor, the difficulty increases a tiny bit. Birds get faster, Ralph gets faster and spend less time in "angry mode", so you don't have much notice before he starts throwing bricks, and various other little things. The maximum difficulty is at level 48. Now normally if you start from level 1, you might not get to level 48 because you complete the game before (999999 score). Starting from level 16 will make it possible to experience the highest difficulty level. But good luck with that!!! 

you have to disable cartriges and Ultimate Audio before starting the game and then you can save the progress using the F5 menu option "Save Easyflash".

Remember that save happens only when you exit a game and go back to the main menu, so the above procedure should be done after that.


Thanks a lot Richard! Means a lot coming from you.

Enjoy Boxymoxy!

Thank you very much for your kind words and the buckazoids, which go to charity. 

Enjoy Boxymoxy!

Thank you very much, my friend. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)


Not sure what kind of emulator you used, but the speech is very distorted.

Try vice for perfect emulation or, even better, run it on a Commodore 64!

Thanks to all the people who donated!
We raised 750 pounds in the first 24 hours.

Wow thanks. That surely looks amazing

Thanks Roy,

Looking forward to your feedback! You take care, buddy.

I'm a big fan of the magazine and I'm looking forward to reading your piece! The intro was not straightforward, mostly because I wanted the game to fit in a single load. But happy about the result.

Thanks Ze :-)
As Ofihombre says , you can select difficulty level 1-16 at the beginning. 16 is quite hard already, and you get multiple birds, a fast Ralph and several obstacles on screen. From there, it only gets worse!

Some people have reported poor speech for the cutscenes and the intro-screen on the ultimate64, but not for the in-game speech. So let me know your experience.