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cool I'm really looking forward to it. Later on we can create a 3d game together if you want :) But first I have to finish my course to become a 3d game developer for unity.

nice idea and a very nice game but a little to short

Just wow. The game reminds me of the very old Super Nintendo RPGs
such as illusion of time, secret of mana, zelda etc. It is just 
fantastic that you can still find games today where so much love 
and details are incorporated. I don't like the game but I love it
all the more. You did a really great job with the game, please 
keep doing such a good job. I gave the game 5 stars.
I love this game. Maniac Mansion was the game I always played as
a little boy and this game takes me straight back to the good old
days of adventure games
OK sorry. I tried an xbox controller and I could only move left and 
right. If it were possible to make the game accessible to controller 
users, similar to little nightmares and other games, I could imagine 
that it would rather reach people. Otherwise the game is great

The graphics and the idea of the game are great. But the controls are terrible. Controller support is available, but only the directional pad works. If the controls are improved and there are more than 1 level, I give it 5 stars. But at the current status, unfortunately, I only give it 3 stars, especially since you can't get any further at the end of the first level because it is blocked by a huge stone wall.

I dont have anything to say about this game. The character moves automatically only thing what you can make is to jump. This game isnt any Star worth but I still give the game a star in the hope that it will get better someday.

Great game. Reminds me a bit of the good old games that were just
based on lyrics. I have 5 stars for this masterpiece :)

What a wonderful great game. I love it and i can't wait till its full version. Please keep up the really great fantastic work.

What comes to mind about the game. 
Just WOW the game just outdoes everything. 
The graphics and the music make you feel like you are directly in 
the game. Please keep the super good job with this masterpiece
Fantastic great game. Can I have some more, please

first of all it is a wonderful great game with good game mechanics. But unfortunately it is much too short and the plot is missing a bit. What it is about is clear that a person goes through several times of his life. From my point of view it could be longer and above all a little more storyline