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Definitely not what I expected, but I enjoyed it non the less. Great mechanics, gameplay, and environment. Over all, well done!

This was an oddly scary yet satisfying game! Really cool environments and mechanics. Well done!

I really enjoyed this game! Very interesting mechanics, overall very scary and unique. Well done!

A well done and scary game.Great environment and mechanics. I want more pale man. Well done

This was a good demo for this game. Both scary and well put together. Well done!

This was a very enjoyable game! Scary and with a great ambiance. Well done!

I really enjoyed this game! Fantastic environment and lots of scary moments. Overall well done!

Of course! keep up the good work!

I really liked this game, I can see a lot of potential as an extended longer game. I just wish my screen wasn't square. Over all, well done!

Of course!

I'm glad someone finally made a horror game around Squidward, he's the most likely to snap. It was scary, well done!

Well done with this game. It was enjoyable with simple mechanics, (and a killer radio). Well done!

Very unique game. I'll admit, it needs a little bit of polishing. But, other than that it was scary and cool. Well done!

This was a very good game. It had a really creepy atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done.


A really cool atmospheric game. I really enjoyed this game and the mechanics. Well done!

Definitely unexpected! Really well done, scary and good mechanics. Good job!

This was really good! It had a very creepy ambiance and was scary without being too in your face. Never going to a hospital again. Well done!


This was a very good game. It was shorter than I expected, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Well done!

This is a really good demo that looks very promising. Definitely got spooked a couple times. I wish you luck in the further development of this game. Well done!

Great jump scares, creepy environment, lots of mopping. I only wish there was more junk...oh well. Great game, well dome!

Very good game! Reminded me of my time as a grocery store sacker....with some exceptions. Well done!

I really liked this game. Scary and thrilling. Well done!



Perfectly encapsulated everything horror about minecraft. Well done!

The most shocking horror game I've ever played...

A nice short horror game, definitely got me a couple times. Well done!

More than just a horror game. It teaches a very valuable lesson. Well done!

Short, but scary. Hurt me in more ways than one. Well done!

A very nerve racking game! I was on edge for a good portion of this game. Well done!

Short, simple, but scary. This game was really well done and had great mechanics. Well done!

I really enjoyed this game! It was scary an unnerving, it felt like I was being watched the entire time. Good job!

Scares 10/10

atmosphere 10/10

clowns 10/10

Over all 10/10. Well done!

Simple yet effective. Very well done, go me a couple times.

Good game! Really creepy and unnerving, and claustrophobic. Well done!

Good game! I never understood the fear of mannequins, now I do.

Of Course! Thanks for making it :)