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Short and really nice! Here's some gameplay in spanish! Hope you like it!

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Really nice and short scary game! It has a great atmosphere! I hope you keep on making great games! Here's my playthrough, it's in spanish, but translated it in the video!

Great slasher kind of game! Really enjoyed it!

Here's my playthrough! It's in spanish though, but managed to translate it on the video!

Great game, has some great scary moments, and a lot of funny wtf moments! Keep at it!
Here's my playthrough, it's in spanish, also managed to translate it on the video. 

This game is amazing! If you love Jojo and you love Dark Souls, definitely don't miss this game. Is short, is fun and full of Jojo references

Here's my gameplay, it's in spanish! I hope you enjoy

I really need to understand what is going on, HALP

Awesome game, gave me some good scares

Here's my reaction, it's in spanish, also I managed to translate some of the game audios on the subtitles

Hope you enjoy it!

Hey man, nice game! Short and to the point! No jumpscares needed to be scary and funny at the same time.
Here's my gameplay/reaction (it's in spanish) Hope you like it

Hey guys! Nice game, really interesting...

Here's my take on it on YouTube. It's in Spanish. I hope you like it

Nice game! Here, take a reaction vid in spanish!

Greetings from Argentina

Almost died IRL playing this game! Here's my reaction

Loved it! Here's my spanish reaction

Really liked this, here's my reaction, in spanish, hope you enjoy!

Great game with a great concept, keep at it.. Here's my reaction in Spanish! I hope you enjoy it!

Here's my spanish reaction.. There's a little bug in the end

It's incredible how you managed to put so much content into such a small game! It's great!

Great concept! I really enjoyed it!

Hey man, nice game

Here you go with spanish reactions

Sharing here as well if someone is into spanish reactions, or big men screaming like little girls (?


Esta increible esto

Espero que sigas adelante con el proyecto!

I really loved the concept .. Got quite scared.. I've translated some texts to spanish on my video.. Here's the link if anyone is interested!

This game is awesome.. Got good and bad ending.. Also I managed to translate some of the texts to spanish.. Here's the link if someone is interested

Really enjoyed your game got every ending and I translated it (in the moment) to spanish. Here's the link if anyone's interested