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Awesome news!!

Glad you like it!
The Klatwa remake is almost finished.


Used the 3 monkeys instead of Johnny because the theme of the contest was... monkeys 🙂

That's good news, awesome!

Great, thanx!

An English version would be awesome!!

Love those games based on well-known retro games!
Nice palette too.
But: wish this was available in English...

Hope they will take responsible actions on this issue.
Did you researched the person(s) who is/are behind this thievery?
Good luck on your projects!

That's unbelievable! Has it been taken down from the MS store?


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Great puzzler, Well done. Bought and enjoying it.
One question: what is the key for quitting the game (pc version)?

bought it, awesome!

You're welcome, glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you. Keep een eye out, as this will be released soon.

Available for Windows & Linux (freeware)

This is a trivia party game containing 288 different quotes from the TV series.

It's up to you to guess per round by who of the five shown Futurama characters a shown quote was said.

There's 10 round per game, and it can be played from 1 up to 10 players.

Contains a lot of audio taken from the TV series.

What are you waiting for, a kiss good-bye?! Start quizzing already!

Thank you! And i'm glad you enjoyed my Black Sect remake. Cinomeh's Revenge is currently being tested, hope to release it within approx. 2 weeks.

Ha, not yet available, finishing up and going into betatesting phase first. After that, the download option will appear. I will also post about it when it is available :)

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Hi Nguujuk, this code window opens when you click on the door to the left, north of the prison (see the door to the left at 4:47).

You have some nice games yourself too, i noticed 🙂.


Good to see you're enjoying my game!

As for the name of the cultist leader: while in the Crypt, there's a clue in the book (which you seem to have found):

'I found a way to open the door. they asked me my name. I felt my end approaching. but then a writing came to my memory. The one in the north...'" 

The last line refers to a north(ern) room. There are two northern rooms in the game, you'll have to go to the North Room close to the prison. 

There's a book you might want to check...

Good luck!

email replied. And a second reply for the emblem location :)

Yeh, no seems to have no pm option. my email address is

(note: the 4th character is not the letter o but a zero)

ah, so YOU are IndieGamer. I already posted your gamepkayvid on this page and on ibdiexpo, thank you!

Which of the two did you find?

the coin size and color usage are already fixed. Please redownload the game, save games should still work imo.

Nice game, nice palette!