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Looks awesome, looking forward to the release.

Gratz on the release CapD and Lorenzo!


Thank you! With real voices for each character instead of the same poor synthesized computer voice for each should already make it a better experience. And way more background  music tracks should add even more to that. And a real easy-to-use point 'n click system will make better playable :)


Thank you!

Thanx Nahuel!

Thank you, sir. Hope you'll enjoy this one  :)

thanx, that's exactly my goal, finding old and often obscure-ish gems, remake and improve them so everyone can enjoy these little gems from the 'ol days :)

Thanx, Athanasius.

Grandad is currently in testing phase and will soon be released.

Mortville manor is frozen because of some VA issues annd MotM will be finished up soon.

And The Curse (a remake of Klatwa, originally a Polish-language only adventure game) is also   finished up soon. I had to rewrite this game completely again because i made a mistake in the design.

A second telwynium installment, that's awesome!
I really enjoyed playing the first chapter.

Thank you, sir :)

Yes, Mortville Manor had voice synth but that sounded very unclear and robotically which made each spoken line quite hard to 'decypher' as player.

The nowadays 'natural voices'  synths are pretty cool, but still sound a bit off here and there. So therefor VA would be the best to replace the original voice synth Mortville Manor used.

So, if for some reason I can't find enough voice actors/actresses, I'll stick with text only indeed.
We'll see...  

I simply have no experience in creating speech synthesis voices. I've also no idea if there's software available to do so.

Finding voice actors/actresses is indeed very hard. Once I have the audio, putting it all together isn't hard though, I've been an audio editor on several commercial games in the past working with voice actor/actress audio lines, clean up and edit and get it all in the game.

Looking very nice!

Thank you!

I got to check out your Blood Nova once I have some spare time.

Thank you!!

Thank you! Hope you'll enjoy this (freeware) version :)

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Hope you gonna like it.
In case you've played the original one: this one will be much more user friendly :)

For Windows, install D-Fend (which comes with a dosbox installation),
Launch D-fend,
Drag 'n drop the file princes.exe into D-fend,
Finish the configuration setup and double click Princess.

Works like a charm. Nice little mod!


Righty, just send you a pm @ AGS 

Glad you like it :)

btw, you are Athanor @ the AGS forums, right?

Mmhh, I'll look into that later as it's not game breaking ;)

Thanx for the info again!

Thanx for the info, v1.2 is now up containing the following changes:

  • music was still audible when set to 0.
  • pressing ESC during splash logo crashed the game
  • character movement is again set faster 

v1.1 is up now, fixes 3 of your mentioned points.
I wasn't able to reproduce the music issue, can you explain a bit more detailed what went wrong? 

And oops, gonna fix these right away!

Momentarily not, but it will be finished in the near future.

Thank you! 

Several games, like this one, are originally only available using a foreign (non-English) language. This one is Polish of origin. 

That might be why many people don't know of them and that's also one of the reasons I'm remaking them into English versions: to make them wider available (and often improve them slightly too) :) 

It's surprising how many good but non-English games there are from the late 80s up to the first half of the 90s retro era.

Wow, that's indeed a funny coincidence!
Hope this remake will be as enjoyable as the original TI83 version :)

Awesome news!!

Glad you like it!
The Klatwa remake is almost finished.


Used the 3 monkeys instead of Johnny because the theme of the contest was... monkeys 🙂

That's good news, awesome!

Great, thanx!

An English version would be awesome!!

Love those games based on well-known retro games!
Nice palette too.
But: wish this was available in English...

Hope they will take responsible actions on this issue.
Did you researched the person(s) who is/are behind this thievery?
Good luck on your projects!

That's unbelievable! Has it been taken down from the MS store?