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Will I finally get to mess around w/ Jay in the V.4 update?

Th3 game isn't working . Please reply.

It keeps saying "I'm sorry I didn't catch that" to everything that I say...

Adventure High community · Created a new topic Zip files.

For most window users .rar files don't unzip well. Could you add a .zip file?

You probably don't  have enough space on your pc.

Thanks so much!

When id the . exe file coming?

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Will there ever be a sale? Sorry if this offends you as a dev just seems like a cool game.

when you're gay because of quarantine o.o

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lul the lesbians bashing dragon boy for love is gold.

need mo

also, here me out: Diya x Min Jun x Dragon boy harold Arkasha x Noelle Chyrssa x Liz Weeb x weeb w h o  i s   e v e n   E s t e r?

I have to download another program in order to run it. :(

Thanks! Downloading now.

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So excited for this! Downloading and will tell you how it goes! yikes, couldn't run it. It said I have to download something else as well. 

Very well put together and simple. Love it. 

I love life simulators like this! The only thing is, .rar files are very hard to use for me and if you could make it a zip that would be great! Seems like a really cool game!

Sorry if it sounds like I'm rushing you. I like the kind of everyday life-free world kind of games. I'm excited and wish you the best.

the game? When is it releasing.

I dislike scary games... especially without a warning >.< please at least put a warning in a not so obvious place..

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ughhhh I love games with that kind of freedom, but i'm so scared to play... 

I've downloaded it, wish me luck.

jiggle phyzics

Also, I'm having trouble with the acorn, when you have time, can you explain it a bit more?

Windows(64 bit, ) but after a few tries it worked, and I absolutely love the game! 10/10


I got stuck at the loading page and couldn't get out of it?

how do I download?

so sad yet so beautiful.. Love you May

Thanks for fixing it! I already downloaded the game bc I liked it a lot!

I like it, but the mouse is delayed and the time is super fast.