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Th3 game isn't working . Please reply.

It keeps saying "I'm sorry I didn't catch that" to everything that I say...

Adventure High community · Created a new topic Zip files.

For most window users .rar files don't unzip well. Could you add a .zip file?

You probably don't  have enough space on your pc.

Thanks so much!

When id the . exe file coming?

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Will there ever be a sale? Sorry if this offends you as a dev just seems like a cool game.

when you're gay because of quarantine o.o

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lul the lesbians bashing dragon boy for love is gold.

need mo

also, here me out: Diya x Min Jun x Dragon boy harold Arkasha x Noelle Chyrssa x Liz Weeb x weeb w h o  i s   e v e n   E s t e r?

I have to download another program in order to run it. :(

Thanks! Downloading now.

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So excited for this! Downloading and will tell you how it goes! yikes, couldn't run it. It said I have to download something else as well. 

Very well put together and simple. Love it. 

I love life simulators like this! The only thing is, .rar files are very hard to use for me and if you could make it a zip that would be great! Seems like a really cool game!

Sorry if it sounds like I'm rushing you. I like the kind of everyday life-free world kind of games. I'm excited and wish you the best.

the game? When is it releasing.

I dislike scary games... especially without a warning >.< please at least put a warning in a not so obvious place..

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ughhhh I love games with that kind of freedom, but i'm so scared to play... 

I've downloaded it, wish me luck.

Maybe if it was a zip folder it would be playable for most users, but seems like a super fun game ngl.

jiggle phyzics

Also, I'm having trouble with the acorn, when you have time, can you explain it a bit more?

Windows(64 bit, ) but after a few tries it worked, and I absolutely love the game! 10/10

I usually dislike vn (except ddlc,) but Angela He, you never fail to impress me. UwU


I got stuck at the loading page and couldn't get out of it?

how do I download?

so sad yet so beautiful.. Love you May

Thanks for fixing it! I already downloaded the game bc I liked it a lot!

I like it, but the mouse is delayed and the time is super fast.