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BRN Systems

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Very fun to play around with the fractal generation


Hello, could you please build it for Linux?

Because it crashes using Wine.


Great game

Thanks for rating.

Quite hard, the music is good, and the geometric design looks great.

Nice, reminded me of Undertale with the visuals and music. And a pretty good idea. I think this game has the best music I have seen on this Jam.

Quite a rage game, once I misclicked in 15-gon and had to redo it.

And it would be awesome if it had some calming music to counteract the rage.

Still, a good game

Good casual game, good for waiting somewhere, would suggest adding score and highscore and then you can release it as a mobile app.

The stasis is so OP, and with rocket, you are unstoppable.

Nice game, other than lack of music and sound effects it is perfect.

A bit too casual, but good

WebGL removed


Good game, I like the neon aesthetics and sometimes you can grab onto some platforms and skip parts of the levels

Hello, sorry for WebGL not working. I thought it was my adblock or something.

Thanks for the review.

BRN Systems

Could you please do a native linux port?

Thanks, I will try.

Thanks, I will try.

Hello, can this game be compiled for linux?

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The mouse sensitivity is way higher in WebGL than in a Windows build. I did not fine tune it in WebGL so that is the reason.

And all the sound effects are at 100% volume. I may fix these issues later.

Thanks for playing.

I did not get to add a script that would move the player too and it added some more difficulty. Thanks for playing.

Thanks for the tip and thanks for playing.


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I found that out when I was playtesting it. But I left it in because it added some difficulty. And thanks for playing and feedback.

Great game.

Thanks for the feedback.

Great game

Most people have 64 bit computers so think that yes.