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I have no idea whats happening, but something happened. giving the soundtrack 9/11.

Sorry i dont speak backwards despacito

Beefy, leafy, makes me reefy. hard AND painful. make it end pls.

Nice concept, a neatly tailored painful experience. having flashbacks to when i had dial-up now.....oh god...

reminds me of that one time my parents loved me, or was that a banana? gud game, so retro that pixel art be hate'n.

it didno't hatch

A bizarre, garbage and truly abstract experience. Enjoyed every hellish moment i had with it. Sugoi, my dude.

this game is somehow crunk af ngl. 7/11


my ears hurt. 10/10

Had a good old chuckle at this one. Very broken, very nice!

Genuinely think this game is too good to be considered a bad game. really had a lot of fun with it. Good Job, Sugoi!