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Very cool indie horror game, kind of a walking simulator but good scares and ambiance. House reminds me of RE7!

Terrifying atmosphere, sound design with well timed jumpscares- made my heart race and I wanted to quit out of fear so many times! Love this game, one of my fave indies.

Terrifying atmosphere, sound design and maniac. My heart was thumping the entire time! One of my fave indie horror games!

Can't wait for this game's full release- been looking forward to it since the demo. Feel free to check out my gameplay of the prologue on my horror gaming channel. 

Very creepy unsettling horror game. I have more questions than answers in a good way! Nice PT inspired horror experience. 

The prologue is great- I'm so glad yall are still working on this game. I've been anticipating its release since the first demo! 👽

Last time I played there was the white rabbit and halloween update, so excited to see what the full game is about soon!

Really excited to see more progress and gameplay! Enjoyed the prologue, can't wait for the full game. 

Was able to play the prologue play test and really enjoyed the new lore expansion! I can't wait for the full game to come out, have had this wishlisted for so long! I also loved and played Rootman! 

Still haven't attempted the full game bc the demo was so horrifying (in a good way)!

Definitely one of the best horrors on this entire site. Had me screaming and terrified. Really enjoy this dev's work!

All your games are horrifyingly well done. One day I will get the courage to attempt this one 😭

Really love the new demo and the full game overall! Amanda was wilding with that knife LOL!

Got some legit screams out of me! I really enjoy your games. Gonna play Mole Men next. 

Really short with a lot of potential! Love the RE7 influence and Easter egg. 

This game is kind of a slow burn but once it jumps into the action, it doesn't stop. Very brutal, gorey and scary- loved it!
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Starts at 8:05. This game was so terrifying, i wasn't expecting Ronald to charge at me like that! 

First gameplay in the vid 0:08, really enjoyed it for what it was. The jumpscares def got me good! 

Only found two secret tapes but loving the lore expansion on Amanda and everything! So proud of what this game has become! 

Really enjoyed the build up but wish there was less reading and more scares. Overall a nice simple horror concept that can be expanded upon!

Terrifying short horror experience! Loved it.

Only found the orange and blue secret tapes so far- love the lore expansion and all the secrets! Poor Wooly.

it's so amazing what this game has become. here's my gameplay on the first demo/version of Amanda the Adventurer 

Loaded back in to see what secret tapes I could find- got two of them! Still working on getting the "good" ending though. Very replayable game with great lore.

Full Game is finally here! I'm loving the lore and how Amanda gets more terrifying with each tape. Puzzles are pretty straight forward too.

Loved this, short to the point and I really hope yall are able to expand to make a full game. Great job for a horror game concept.

Thanks for having the game for free! I'm excited to play it and will update the comment with my gameplay if I make one. 

Very simple horror premise with a slow build up. I enjoyed it for what it is. Sometimes fear itself is the scariest thing! Would love a follow up on this game.

I love aliens and there aren't enough horror games about them but THIS demo is intriguing! I impatiently await the full game, love the ambiance and sound design- plus the lore given through notes. 

Really enjoyed this one, the build up and anticipation. I thankfully got the good ending but the glass breaking terrified me! Fit in perfectly on my horror gaming channel!

Freaked me out! Really enjoyed this unsettling PT inspired horror game. 

Haven't had a chance to play the full game (too scared tbh) but the demo showed a lot of promise and was horrifying! Effective sound design, jumpscares and an intriguing plot- feel free to check out my gameplay on my horror gaming channel.

Patiently awaiting the full game. This is really good, effective sound design and the lore is unique.

Love the changes y'all have made to the previous demos and the fact that this is going to be a FULL game! I look forward to it- Amanda is chaotic as ever, Wooly needs to be protected and there's LORE now! 

I really enjoyed this, wish it was longer! Eleanor is a total catfish though 🤣 effective sound design! 

Pretty cool short horror experience but the ending was a bit lackluster. Still enjoyed playing though, effective jumpscares! 

Amanda is back and better than ever! I really love the addition of lore and being able to walk around plus puzzles! Patiently awaiting the full game's release.

Excited to see a full version will potentially be made. Added to my Steam wishlist and will def play the full game on my horror gaming channel! Keep up the good work!