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Really enjoyed this demo. Would love to see a full game someday! I'm definitely gonna check out your other work. 

I've played a few of your games, Lucas & Under, and I love your work! Ron Ron has a very unique concept and a terrifying monster. Game #3

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Didn't expect this to be so scary! It legit made me scream when Ronald got me. I'm a lil too scared to replay it so good job! 

Game #2

Saw that this was updated and had to replay! I look forward to more games from y'all!

Played Lucas Basement Demo and decided to try this game as well. Didn't expect it to be so terrifying!

Love the concept. Demo was a lil more difficult than anticipated and I died a lot LOL so I made a short instead! Can't wait for the full game. I've always loved Super Mario 64!

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Definitely see the Quiet Place and PT influences. I like that there aren't obnoxious jump scares. The ambiance and time loop create an anxiety inducing anticipation of what's to come. Please continue this!

I love this demo and the overall concept of an alien abduction horror game! The jump scares were perfectly timed. The alien sounds were so unsettling. I'm so excited for the full game next year! 

I saw ManlyBadassHero play this and I looooove this game! Will def check it out for myself soon!

I avoided this game for a year before finally playing it. Even after watching other gameplays, it still terrified me with the jump scares and ambiance! 

I've also played 9 Child's Street demo. Keep up the awesome, horrifying work! 😅 5 stars for having full controller support too. 

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I love that this has controller support! I have no idea what the story is but that just makes it more unsettling and scary!

I've played this demo twice and each gameplay was unique! So excited to see that the release date is so soon. I'm really curious to learn more about Rebecca. Here's my stream below:

Very unique game. I like that it's not reliant on jump scares and builds up the player's paranoid/fear through the notes. 

^ Here's my playthrough!

Was NOT expecting to be terrified and lost the way I was playing this. I've played your other work and you have a real talent for horror games. My hands are shaking as I type this LOL 

I was able to play with my controller which is a huge plus! Really enjoyed the atmosphere. House reminded me of RE7. I liked how the lights and sounds led me throughout the house. I look forward to more games from you.

Welp my throat hurts after that jump scare made me scream LOL! Here's my playthrough: 

Amazing game to say it took 1 day to make! I'll def be checking out your other work.

This game was legit terrifying. The intro/outro music is amazing, I was dancing to it before I started the game lol. I can't wait for the full release. This had me pausing the game to keep from crying! 

Really enjoyed this game. Hope you're able to expand the story and explain a lil more about the demon's backstory and motivation! Here's my playthrough on YT! 

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I'm a bit late but finally downloaded and played this amazing demo! Really excited for the full game! Love the backstory and can't wait to learn more. The camera mechanic is very unique and terrifies me lol

Really loved this demo. I've played Outlast and RE7 so I def see the influence and can't wait for the full game to come out. 
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This was a very fun game. Actually got some screams out of me. The monkey really creeped me out! 

So glad I discovered this game! I played it twice back to back, thinking I'd gotten a bad ending LOL. Really love the unsettling feeling that crept in as I kept playing. Poor Wooly! Please make more, I really love this! 

I've played a few times and loved it! I was almost too scared to take on Michael when he showed up. Made a walkthrough if anyone wants to watch! 

Was not expecting that twist at all! Romanced Tristan and will replay again for Lucan soon.

I've played this game a few times and it never gets less scary! Excited to see your future projects.

Here's a walkthrough for those who may need it (because I def got stuck a few times on the first try): 

Really enjoyed this game! I've replayed it and streamed it several times. Enjoyed the ending and was legit scared throughout (that vid comin' soon). Can't wait for the full release!

I was honestly too scared to even get past night 2! 😭 Great game! Now that the show is over, I'll be replaying this often.

Thank you for watching! ❤️

Took about 3 hours but I really enjoyed this game. Streamed it for Valentine's Day on Twitch!

Starts at 1:41:42 Took longer than expected but I liked it, and will replay to see what the other endings are. I romanced Dominque.

Streamed this on twitch yesterday. The chat loved it! It was really intense and scary but I survived lol (starts at 1:02:55)