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This is not a compiler. This is a very shitty .bat file editor.

A compiler takes code (like C++ or BASIC) and converts it to a .exe file.

This neither takes code, nor converts anything to a .exe. This takes one line of commands and converts to a .bat file? This is in no way shape or form anything resembling a compiler. You should be ashamed of this appalling shit.

To pixel games, I looked at one other thing, you cannot program.

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No. B is already a language, it is not like Batch at all.

Batch is not programming. Batch is meant for writing simple commands to run programs and the such. It is not coding, let alone programming.

Batch and C++ are completely different, other than you can get a computer to do things. Batch is not compiled, there are no libraries and it is extremely innefficient. C and C++ are compiled, and unlike batch, people actually write programs using them.

No. Just no.

Edit: And even ignoring that, it does not warrant "++". It is at best, a very small "coding" library.

I would make camera 1 follow the car more, if I am turning I often cannot see anything in front of me.

Camera is crappy, but apart from that, good!

I like how I can head on some-body at 150mph and be just fine but hit a tire and instantly die.

"I rate it 9/11" - Josh from school