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i have the prob to playing on pc

i have no idea how to do task is there like a guid to do stuff i played for 2-3 hours now but i cant get how i should do the most stuff i played true every thing and i still dont know how i should get cassies trust

am is there a other way to pushase the game? i cant buy it over the normal buton

i like it lots of options i played like 20 min to get every thing the only thing i would like are spech bulbes or just some random senteses 

i like it its pretty nice, how mutch can you play right now i came to the part that i puchased 4 packs und finisht figthing whit that man 3 times to get the galarie mutiple times like 3 times

how mutch is out right now the end scene on my part was when in the real live form he sucked the socked foot from that girl is there any more ?

and whit the backstages im only in the blue oyster latex room the party room under ground

yes i talk about hayden and beth murni

i played it true like 3 times now i would just like to know if it is possible to go in every backstage areas who is right now in the game and i could never geht the scene whit the girl on the trash can and from the camp fire whit the bare feet

well the game is nice but can you add a left foot the only foot thats comming down is just the right foot so that a think that i would like to change but everything else is ok you could also make lvl were you need to reach 50 ml in the first lvl and duble the ml per lvl 

ok thx for the answer

The Yellow Socks community » Feedback » Girls · Created a new topic hearts

what are the hearts actually make I see no difference if I have now with people 1 heart or just 4


and i mean kkt

cant play the first enemy is this a bug ?

ok thanks

can you do something like patch notes ?


why ?

The Yellow Socks community » Feedback » Game · Created a new topic the shoes?
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is the shoe lick comes back from sorority?

thanks ^^

the manicure does not end you are stuck in the screen and does not come out you have to just go out then

ok but thanks anyway  
OK, thank you, I just wondered when the mini games are now bar or not
are all mini games available?