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Can you make a walk-through pls


First, Finn: OMG that s*** was f****ing deep. As someone who's been where he was, like to a T... except I'm more punk princess than goth..., I admired how he was straightforward about what he's been through and how he's feeling I also like how he manages to find someone even though he still feels that way. I appreciated how he wasn't suddenly and magically healed just because he found someone... but instead was given hope and some strength. Thank you for writing him this way...

Second, Paxton... Magic gooey goodness with a sprinkling of so f****ing CUTE!!! That is how I would describe his path... can someone just like make him? Just hypothetically? In a lab? Preprogrammed to love me? No? Okay... Kidding, but seriously Cute... with a capital everything. Latte foam heart... I mean c'mon.

Third, Zaina. Yes, just yes. I love everything about this sassy little spitfire. I love how she learns better coping-skills than withdrawing when things get rough. I love how she shows her love to her friends... "You idiot." As someone who tends to call friends and loved one's anything from a**hole to zatch (female genitalia) as a joke/ when they worry me. I identify with her in this way.

You did a great job with this game! I love it.