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ever think there will be a mac port for this game? i would really like to play this game, but i don't have access to windows software

It's no problem with the crashes, it makes the whole experience a whole lot funnier when there's too much corn.

Very amazing game. Really cute and all.

Played it with my friend once and we planted corn everywhere and there was so much corn the game crashed.

Second time the two of us played, we planted berries everywhere. Player two disappeared and stopped existing so we couldn't play together anymore.

I don't know if that was the intended use because there was a crap ton of corn and berries. Like everywhere. Any place there was grass we had planted corn.

Other than that, great game!

in the downloads, the mac download leads to the linux download and vice versa. lovely game though :)

how do i play? I know how to move the moues and such but i cannt activate the things?