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Dave Pickett

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I definitely will go back and make that boss fight actually doable at some point. But was literally coding that whole thing in the last 15 minutes of the jam haha

The kite dogs the fly

Here’s my one image pitch for how amazing the interface is. Here’s a look at what a full game looks like in the dashboard view. The dotted lines show connections between scenes/rooms.

If you haven’t looked at GB Studio, it’s a great example of how to keep interactive stuff very simple and approachable for beginners. The interface is very visual and intuitive and things like variables are handled with drop-down menus rather than an open ended scripting text box like most engines. As someone who has struggled to learn complex systems like Unity, GB Studio was a perfect engine to graduate to from after reaching the limits of Bitsy.

We were constantly running up against the tile limitations while implementing the background art, but it was a fun challenge to overcome

Fuck yes

I gots four meats

Thank you so much for playing our game and sharing the stream. It was delightful to watch you play through! :D

Thank you for saying this. I was curious about this and I also felt like it was a really beautiful way to address the abruptness of the choice.

Great opening cutscene! I like the turn to humor at the end.

Thank you 😀


Incredible work! Really impressive use of limitations to focus the game and player experience

Honestly one of the best pieces of game design advice I’ve ever read and I’m in grad school for this.

I fear what will happen

Mario is Missing is a game from the 90s. The opening screen of my game is a direct parody of the Mario is Missing box art. In this universe, he was missing for a while, but then they found his body…

You're welcome! Thanks for playing :)

I really enjoyed playing this at Indie City Games yesterday!  It's a great concept that I could easily see being expanded into a longer game , but also really fulfilling at this length. The art is very fun.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it 🥰