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So how's it going mate?

Also hey you have six days!



OHhh can't wait to play it!

Ohhh love it. 

Oh god good point. This should be for the PC please. I'll add that to the description and such. Thank you!

Okay sorry was on mobile so:

1. I would prefer that, yes please.

2. Yup, space games.

3. No limits on resources.

4. No judging, this is just for games to be streamed during our 10th anniversary stream. 

So yeah the Jam starts Friday and lasts for two weeks, in which you have time to, preferably, make a game for the Jam specifically.

Oh gosh I thought I put that in there. Games need to be space related. I would LOVE it if you made something for the Jam but I'm not gonna be super anal about it.

On the joystick, it didn't detect the stick going left or up, but did detect it going right and down. 

Xbone controller worked okay. You should let people know controls are by default inverted. I pushed down on the stick to climb, but it kept going down, for example. 

Hey I'm running Windows 10 and it's a Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 stick and it's the only game controller currently connected. I've also tried it with a Microsoft XBox One Gamepad, which at the time was also the only controller connected to the PC (I never have multiple controllers connected).  

So here's a weird thing. The game didn't see every axis of my joystick. It saw the pitch axis (up and down) but not the yaw or roll axes. When I tried to switch to a gamepad, when I selecting pushing up to go down, up still went up, regardless of how I set it. Noooooot great. Please help. 

Oh no worries, not upset or anything, just confused. To be more specific, when I tried to loot the body in the morgue, and the panel popped up, I tried to click the take all button, but the panel moved with the mouse pointer so it was as if the button was "running away" from the pointer. I hope that helps!

Yeah E brought it up, but I couldn't select "Take All" or close it at all. 

Is there a list of keys anywhere? I searched a body in the morgue and couldn't leave the "take all" interface.

"Alpha Non-VR version" finally, now I can dive in. I don't own VR yet, but this game convinced me to get it. 

So...yay, right?

Ahhh okay, and how close would you say it is to fully replicating the original game? Is it a 1 to 1 replication or is anything missing, for example? 

Ironseed community · Created a new topic My God...

I've always wanted to play this game, but tracking down an original DOS copy has always been something of a nightmare. Is this updated version still in development?

OHhh can't wait to see it in action mate!

Stellaxy community · Created a new topic Steam Keys Please?

Hey, might we please get Steam keys sometime soon, please and thank you?

Holy crap! For the second game as well!? Would you like to come on our podcast and talk about the process of the whole thing?

Man I wish I'd known about this sooner. Did you work with the guys from Omnitrend on this?

Well this looks so Freelancery it's silly. Can't wait to try it. 

I sadly still can't connect to the cloud. Any update on this?

Yay, thanks for working so hard to correct the issue! Looking forward to trying it. :)

Hey, I tried to make an account, but couldn't connect to either cloud or local. I'm on Win7, any advice?