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A member registered Apr 17, 2016

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Who's your friend who likes to play? Bing bing bong bong. Dead simple, intuitive controls. Nice Drumpf/Hitler caricature graphics and effects.

Works great with Cardboard, novel way to tackle motion through teleportation. The rate the possible teleports occur felt just right, nicely done.

NOOOO! AUUUGHHH! WAAUUGHHH! Haha, love the sfx here. Nice work.

Got motion sick in the Vive. The compass and corners of the carpet are good constant frames of reference, but the fast acceleration out of the initial start area and the zippiness of spinning left or right was too much for me. The controls are intuitive but very sensitive. Really dig the idea of a magic carpet ride, but I was thinking more Aladdin and less Crazy Taxi.

Fun concept, just like that Japanese game show, "Human Tetris." Unfortunately couldn't make it pass first wall (Level 2?) with the L-shaped hole on Vive. Would make the opening larger for the first few levels then gradually make it more challenging. Also felt I had to wait a bit too long for a new wall to advance, but maybe a 3-2-1 countdown timer would help.