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ayo ging and pariston??? not expecting that.. this went under my 'chef's kiss collection' along with tender love and care ;).. anyways this was a gr8 game and i loved being Dangantonpa!! 5/5 

ayo naomi be spittin facts



ive been following your progress for a bit and im very excited for new updates! the progress is already amazing and i'll definitely keep following this game! keep at this girl!

i know same!!!

this game was really nice and funny! looking forward to more updates :)

it was a really fun experience , had a big plot twist which i was not expecting, and just... olive garden <3. lolol anyways, this was fun, i'll be looking forward to any future games :))

this game was awesome 5/5 :)) 

wow is all i have to say. this was a great short narrative and the art really was special. it was simple, but magnetic. stunning .you can honestly tell a lot of effort went into this game. great job ! you made a great game ! <3.

i finished playing the demo again and i honestly like it so much. the art and backrounds and the characters  are honestly so beautiful and you can really tell a lot of effort went into this game. im super interested in the game, and in love with it. i think i've already fallen in love with Kierdan even though he's a complete jerk right now, but i am looking forward to the point where he's only mildly a jerk. im very excited for the full release, great job on the everything so far !

would u consider making a 64-bit version

thank you so much !! i was lowkey confused. i really appreciate it.

i cant seem to get a good ending no matter my choices... is it who i hang out with. because everytime im given the option i hang out with cordelian.

hey hey ! this is a really great game but is there a way to get a good ending with Cordelian's route?

hello! i am playing on mac, and when i try to open this game it says the file is damaged and cannot be opened !! i would really love to play this !

emily is away community · Created a new topic 64 bit?

hey hey, i would really like to play this game, buttt its not supported for 64 bit :/ !! is there any possible chance for a 64 bit build? please let me know! have a nice day

really fun game !! i enjoyed the length of each route and i loved having multiple options on who to date.

i am also dealing with this :/

really fun game, i enjoyed it. it made me a bit sad so afterwards i cuddled with my dog !!  great game though. im looking forward to seeing more of your creations . :)

literal chills. not even kidding. wasn't expecting so much emotion to come out of a simple 5 min play. i love all the different words and the story behind them. you potrayed a serious topic so so well. i hope the creator reads this, but if you considering whether to play or not, you really should. its a great game. 5/5.

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this game certainly was intriguing and scared me, but what horror game wouldn't? the audio definitely added to this experience, and helped me get a visual of what was going on around the end!!! great game, after im finished with this review i'll definitely start playing your other games!! i hope you continue making games in the future !! i recommend this to anyone who is deciding whether or not to play !!

great game!! hopefully you see this , just know that i literally love everything about it. the choices are hilarious, and the storylines are great!! keep up the good work. 

great game. i cried at each ending.. the haunting soundtrack and the art style was executed beautifully. ive played ur games and you handle such mature subjects in a wonderful manner. thanks for making this, and spreading awareness about mental health. <3 sincerely, a huge fan.