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Brian Foster

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That's a great post-mortem Ian!

It's really personally satisfying to get it out there! I'm glad you like seeing it too.

what delightful happenstance!

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it looks like git is supported, here’s the documentation. I would help more if I knew anything about defold.

Team Green Dino all the way, but that red dino has so much health!

I desperately wanted to cross that bridge at the end too! Great work on this! Especially as two of you were new to Unreal Engine.

I love it! After a few more plays I realize that it was a fluke for me to get three refineries on my first playthrough lol. I wonder if you've got everything calculating in update instead of taking advantage of coroutines. Maybe you'll upload this version to github?

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Thanks! It blows my mind that someone would play this almost five years later, I put it up just to work on my portfolio. I am glad you liked it, thanks for saying so!


That was so much fun!  Very polished and complete!

Aw man, Beam weapons?! That is so cool.

This is the gameplay video that should be in the top right corner: 


That looks fun as $h*t!

That's awesome. The shine of the oncoming sun or moon is really pretty too.

The movement was very smooth for me and the 4-player combat was very fun!

I love that it felt like some of my favorite Mario Party mini-games. I'm inspired!

I love the hand-keyed animations of the boss!

I can't see the game!

That's difficult! You should add an escape to pause/quit feature and is there any way to win?