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Really cool. The race back up is tense!

Thanks! I’m continuing to work on it. I will keep posting when I have useful updates.

Okay, running on Chrome 80.0.3987.132 seemed to work well. Thanks!

I tried to make a game in this 7DRL with portals, but didn’t quite get there. Congrats on making it! Nice work!

Running this via the browser (Firefox 73.0.1 on Linux) or via Wine I get the menu, UI elements and sound… Just no visuals. Any recommendations?

Other Unity games in the 7DRL seem to be loading okay (but might not be 3D).

Thanks! I’m keen to play Flume! Best of luck with judging!

I wrote a post-mortem of my efforts, and welcome feedback.

The latest build works great for me. Thanks for the updates!

Works a lot better, thanks, although apostrophe kicks in the search bar. I'(click)m a fan of Extremely Online and quite like the styling.

I'm having difficulty playing this. The game doesn't seem to capture all input in Firefox, so every time I press spacebar, the page scrolls.