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You’re so welcome, glad to hear it!

I’ve disqualified this game, thanks for calling it out.

I love this thread, thanks for starting it and for everyone sharing their reflections! It’s been really awesome catching up, checking out the submissions, and seeing what everyone made.

My postmortem isn’t very exciting in terms of the jam. I started a new job the week before the jam and haven’t had any personal time to work on game projects, including the jam. I’m so grateful people participated and submitted games, even though I didn’t have the ability to. It’s been a reminder to myself that unexpected life changes happen, and sometimes you gotta put your hobbies on hold for a little bit.

You’re so welcome! Thanks for participating and taking part in the jam.

Really neat concept and execution!


really interesting concept, nice work!

nice work on this, I think you’re got a knack for shmup dev! hope ya’ keep working on it or make more games

Really neat concept with the gravity! Nice job.

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With the jam being less than a month away, have you begun thinking about what kind of game you’re going to make?

I’m going to make a side-scrolling shmup inspired by Cotton 2:

cotton 2 screenshot

I think the world of Pepper&Carrot will fit nicely into a cute-em-up.

I’m going to make it pretty low resolution with pixel art so that I can focus on the game mechanics rather than high res art.

Also, just want to voice that if people have similar ideas, don’t be discouraged about your idea. It’s really fun to see different takes on the same genre!

Love this topic, thanks for starting it! The references page you shared is really fantastic for making sprites and models.

Awesome, glad to hear it!

Strange, I’m not sure what’s wrong. Could you try another browser or maybe temporarily disabling some extensions?

Really fantastic job on this, y’all! Ya’ continue to crush it with each release. Love the level of polish, art, sound design, and how the game feels to play. Great fusion of twin stick and danmaku design.

These are fantastic, thanks for sharing LucKey!

That’s awesome! I think it’s okay to start beforehand if you want. It’s a casual jam, so no worries if you get going sooner!

These are really fantastic, nice! Thanks for sharing, ultidonki.

Pyglet looks really neat! I’ve been enjoying using Pyxel lately. I think that’s what I’m going to use.

Thanks for joining, sounds great! A point and click adventure set in the P&C world would be a blast.

Nothing premade that I have planned. If someone makes them in advance, that’d be awesome. But I’m just going to start from scratch and do my best.

R will reset! 😄 I should to make a follow up video and update to the game that checks the level bounds.

Hey, Eric! So stoked you’re going to be participating in your first jam. Great question. You can use assets from wherever as long as you follow those license terms. Whether you find sprites or sound effects or music, you’re good to use them!

You might need to make sure it’s configured properly in the Autoload singletons of the project settings! But glad it’s useful!

Glad to hear it, thanks for checking it out!

Do you have any questions about the jam? Ask ’em here!

With the jam approaching, do you know what game engine or library you’ll use?

I’m debating between using Pyxel, which I haven’t used much yet, or Godot, which I am more familiar with.

Pyxel seems like a lot of fun to use for a jam because of its constraints, preventing me from biting off more than I can chew. But there’s also a risk with using something I’m less familiar with. So I’m not sure yet. I’ll decide as the jam gets closer.

What are you thinking of using to make your game for the Pepper&Carrot Jam?

Thanks for the feedback and playing it! I’d love to make a twin-stick shooter like plays like you’re describing. That change would impact the balance of this little prototype, as the strafing and aiming behavior is intentional.

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Okay, just released v1.2 with a previous version of the engine. Controller support in the browser should be better now! Thanks for the feedback.

I am doing some testing on the web version and see that controllers are a bit wonky. Will see if I can downgrade the game engine to a version where this is working properly. Should work fine on desktop in the meantime!

What do you mean? Controllers should work. What issues are you running into?

You’re welcome, thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for playing it! Yeah, the web version runs the slowest. If you download it for your computer’s operating system it will run a lot better.

really dig the style and feel of the game, nice job!

Nice job on this Marc! I really enjoy the chilled out vibes of the game combined with all of the polish. The little touches like the clouds on top of everything and swooshes! So good. Excited to see what you’re up to next.

Thanks for the kind words, appreciate it!

So glad to hear it. Thanks for the support!

The DragonRuby community put together a free zine as a follow-up to the book if you’re looking for another resources too.

Thanks for playing and checking it out!

Cute arcade shooter

Collect gems, destroy goblins, and go for the high-score!

Play it here:

Free action shooter inspired by Super Crate Box. My first project larger than a jam game.

Here’s a trailer I made: