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Amazing, just a question: on the description, you mentioned BRUISES as one of your inspirations, what is bruises?

That was... really nice from your part actually.

IIRC Macbat took like 2 years to get made by Siactro, so let them take their time

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I also usually dislike infinite runners, but the samba and art really gave it the extra charm it needed to win my heart, I loved it!

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Amei o jogo, a trilha sonora e o visual realmente são maravilhosos combinados, eu assistiria um curta com esse pixelart maravilhoso desse gatinho relaxando num telhado ou arranjando encrenca caçando pássaros ao som dessa música. A gameplay é simples mas o jogo não propõe nada revolucionário, então funciona, no geral 9/10!

Finally it released :3, now it's just a matter of get enough money to buy it :x

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How do I pass the 2nd fence? iI can see the trees (even the fallen one) but can't jump over it, only on the rocks