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I didn’t put it there. I need to look into that. Thanks for letting me know.

It will have a similar mood and be set in the same world, but the characters and place will be different.

That’s right :)

Yeah you need to get the rhythm right.


It’s not being worked on anymore, but Steam had an updated version (which is also free)

Hey, steam version is much more recent - there is also voice acting and some other minor features added.

I recommend using steam version though.

Thanks! Feel free to use the footage. It’s a free game after all.

Thanks a lot, I’ll let everyone know when we have something new to show :)

Yeah it’s the same except for the listed features and a newly added Polish translation.

Godot Engine :)

Hey! Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I’m working on a new game with the same style and I’ll let you know when there is more info. Oh and yeah, I read all the comments here :D

Swimming ;)

Nope, Steam only.

Yeah, I was thinking about that, but it’d be a lot of work to also make UI for it. Maybe just a config file people can edit would be enough.

Welcome to the Yu crush club then :) The steam access for German users is still being discussed, we don’t have a final decision yet - I’ll let you know as soon as we come up with something.

Hello, thanks for your kind words - we’re very happy people enjoy the game as much as we do. I will look into the Android version, because it’s been requested a couple of times - can’t promise anything though.

Wait for our next game, I guess ;)

Hello, regarding the first question, there’s a bug that will be fixed that causes the message. However, I’m not sure why you can’t buy the wrench. Is there a way for you to share the save files with me? You can message me on Discord (brendor#6975). Regarding #2: she actually says Fifty, not Five. So Fifty hundred makes it 5000 - I know it’s pretty grindy, but you can speed it up by doing the minigame optimally and stealing the money from the purse :)

Not for now, but there will most likely be an option to support us soon enough. Thanks for the interest :)

The game is considered finished as it is now, but the Steam version will include the extra content that was mentioned in the post.

Hello, for now I can’t see other solution other than using VPN to access the game via Steam. Hope that works for you.

Hi, I’ll look into other possibilities of delivering the new version to the German fans.

Hey, thanks a lot for taking your time to write down a guide. Are you ok with me posting this on our discord for all the stuck people? :) Or you can join and post it yourself, I’ll pin it.

You can unplug early to avoid that slowdown :) About the Mayor, please check the devlog about info on the new content.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, I’m looking into the stuck issue and also, I’d like to make finding the right stuff easier and more obvious. The point was to make people explore, not frustrate them - hope I can get there.

Yeah, on mobile it does not work for now :) Try desktop if you can.

Not sure if there is a guide for the game. Some people find it right away, some don’t. It’d be nice if someone made a guide :D Anyway, I believe the gems are in the bag Mona gives you at some point. I suggest you generally try to examine and combine stuff you get in every game in this genre.

The 6th scene uses different assets, it doesn’t have a full screen background. Try searching in the newly added area.

Xavielle has nothing to do with the 6th scene.

This should be fixed now, please try again :)

Made a quick hotfix fixing this - thanks for the report <3

Thanks for the report, it is indeed a bug.

Thanks Savage, sorry for forgetting to reply earlier - I appreciate your support and hopefully deliver more stuff this year (or at least some stuff ^^’)

Plenty. Just look for tags such as Isometric (or Top Down) Adventure.

Procreate on iPad Pro I think.

The new build (which is available as a beta - see the link in our discord) has a lightweight option which disables the rain (probably the most CPU-intensive part of the game).

I’m aware of that. What about it? I’m focusing on HTML5 now. Embedding the file just makes one large executable which I don’t like that much. Not sure if the whole file is loaded into memory or not if it’s embedded, but anyway I generally prefer games being split into smaller files. Makes modding and stuff easier.

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Yeah the idea is to time your jumps, not clicking the right position etc. You should just hit the right side of the screen at the right time. That way you can either climb fast but risk falling if you’d pick a wrong direction… or climb slowly and precisely. This would be reflected in the leaderboards if there were any at the moment. The fastest, most precise person would be on the top (+ the gems add an additionl challenge).