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bruh what??

hiya! just entered level 11 and its all black now. the entity has finished monologuing, and i can' t interact?  tried pressing m and all that, if it helps, i am on mac.

cool commentary on today's society !!

holy shit im shook as fuck?? hot damn 

storyline is confusing in the best way. gonna let this marinate in my head for a bit. there's tons to think about, and that ending? holy shit man

only thing i wish was different was that there was a save function, but i guess that might ruin a part of it. oh well

love this game man! keep on keepin on dood

hi ! not official itch support, but i had a similar problem with a game the other day and itch support said that the best workaround is to use the itch app (linked here). hope this helps!