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Aw that sucks, I got some unfinished games too but usually I complete at least the routes for the characters I like lol 

lolll same mine is barely hanging on I'm TERRIFIED it'll die on me soon I've got so much otome game progress on here not to mention I'd have a heart attack if my our life progress got deleted since it just so personalized to my ocs

This looks so cute and the art is so different, can't wait to start and see it progress

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omg same I just stopped at this comment cuz I totally relate lol also I think I saw you comment on our life too?? Trust me it never stops, I've been using this website for almost 3 years now and I can't even count how many otome and dating games I've downloaded... oh well who needs a social life anymore

Wow making a game all by yourself and it's supported on all platforms, good job you should be proud! I'll definitely check this out

I cant stop making oc's in this game now lol, this one's my favorite so far:

Been working hard and decided to treat myself with the dlcs to this game, and so far they're not dissapointing! Thank you so much for this wonderful game, can't wait to run through the step 3 and wedding dlcs next! Love this game, there's nothing else like it, and I for sure hope to see a dlc for Derek, even if there isn't though I'm still so glad there's a wedding dlc out now, so excited!!! (For anyone who had issues downloading the dlc through Mac you just have to unzip "compress" the file then move it to the game folder, you can do all this in finder- I'd do this with the game closed then reopen after inserting the file into the game folder)

Agreed! It would be really cool if you could create a mute character, however I'm still loving all the different options so far, and there's still a good number of silent options

Definitely one of your best games yet! It's just like Our Life: B&G but adding even more to it! Played through this sooo quick on the day it came out and I can't stop making new characters and playing again and again! I love that we get not ONE but TWO love interests (and super cute ones at that). I love how they kept in the same sort of dynamic system from B&G and added to it! It's so cute how well be able to choose if they tease us or not- I absolutely LOVE Qiu and how he teases us in the mini demo, I can already tell he's gonna be my first option, but Tamarack is sooo cute too I'll definitely romance her too in a second playthrough. Can't wait for this! Another amazing as always GBPatch!!! (I'm definitely getting the dlc for this one~)

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Of course! It's a really cool game and I can't wait to see how it comes along, also pop tart is so cute!!! It's no wonder he's a fan favorite, peter's little brother is hilarious too. And oh that makes sense, I don't know much about mellophones my marching band didn't even have one :(

Oh I just found the game recently so that must be why lol! Either way I totally understand it takes time to make a game, being a writer myself it's taken me a few years just to perfect some short stories! Also my favorite game is Mayday Memory (it's a mobile otome game by story taco inc.) but there are so many games to choose from, and I loved the code realize anime! Unfortunately never played the game... Also your demo is great! I absolutely loveee Sebastian and Tom! Great job with the story too, as someone who attended marching band in high school I can say for a fact you really nailed all the marching band aspects (in case you were wondering, I played the clarinet- thank god I didn't have a Clark for a section leader!)

Omg the demo is out yay!!

Wow you're moving fast with this game! I'm glad, just finished the demo and I can't wait for more!!! (Also your 10th anniversary of playing otome??? I'm only just reaching my 5th!)

Is this still being worked on? Would love to know if there'll be a full version out soon

Ah then I've read all the endings, thanks for telling me!

This was such a cute little game I loved it- the two characters were both so loveable! One question though, how do I know if I unlocked all the endings?

Ooo I'm a big fan of all your works, Our Life new beginnings was a HUGE success in my book. I can't wait for this! Redheads are the absolute cutest and I love me a dark haired person too! Thank you so much for continuing to create these fun masterpieces! I can already tell these characters are gonna be just as phenomenal as Cove!

Calderon is sooo hot I can't even my eyes have been blessed- love this art and story!!!

I'm alright with the delay, I hope everything gets better in your personal life! Good luck with the rest of your project, I can't wait!!! This one's really got me excited- also you someone got me to fall in love with all your green haired characters LOL XD

Sooo true- Jeremy is actually my favorite out of all the jerks lmao. Great job on this game, you never disappoint! I loved it!!! <3

Wow, I noticed Shiloh was the same guy from Our Life- but Jeremy?! I completely forgot about him in Our Life, and how do I love him so much more on this game?! XDDD

Has this been abandoned? :c

WOW shit went from 0 to 100 fasttt in this game. I love it though!!!

No problem :))) I just love reading reviews like this that tell me the pros and cons of the game

That was a great review, thanks!

It doesn't even work for me... But 2016 and no one says it's been updated? Oof ;-;

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Stop, Donald Trump!!!

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This is the most choices I've ever had in a visual novel! If you're looking to really have your own character personality and really influence the main love interest, then this is the game for you! I love it!!! (Also fr though can we just appreciate Derek being some serious eye candy lolol)

Omg yes there's an asexual character! Awesome!

It's pretty much impossible to play on my pc... But it's still great on my phone- 10/10 love the style, unique selection, and amazing art! 

I don't mind, take your time! This game is worth the wait.