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Calderon is sooo hot I can't even my eyes have been blessed- love this art and story!!!

I'm alright with the delay, I hope everything gets better in your personal life! Good luck with the rest of your project, I can't wait!!! This one's really got me excited- also you someone got me to fall in love with all your green haired characters LOL XD

Sooo true- Jeremy is actually my favorite out of all the jerks lmao. Great job on this game, you never disappoint! I loved it!!! <3

Wow, I noticed Shiloh was the same guy from Our Life- but Jeremy?! I completely forgot about him in Our Life, and how do I love him so much more on this game?! XDDD

Has this been abandoned? :c

WOW shit went from 0 to 100 fasttt in this game. I love it though!!!

No problem :))) I just love reading reviews like this that tell me the pros and cons of the game

That was a great review, thanks!

It doesn't even work for me... But 2016 and no one says it's been updated? Oof ;-;

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Stop, Donald Trump!!!

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This is the most choices I've ever had in a visual novel! If you're looking to really have your own character personality and really influence the main love interest, then this is the game for you! I love it!!! (Also fr though can we just appreciate Derek being some serious eye candy lolol)

Omg yes there's an asexual character! Awesome!

It's pretty much impossible to play on my pc... But it's still great on my phone- 10/10 love the style, unique selection, and amazing art! 

I don't mind, take your time! This game is worth the wait.