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Visually, considering the fact it was made in 48 hours, it's an easy 5/5. I love pixel art and this style is so nostalgic for me.

Gameplay-wise, honestly, I thought it wouldn't be fun at all, especially because of lack of balance, but playing as the Archer or the Wizard makes it a bit challenging, which makes the game feel like an actual game. Then again, I believe reaching the end with them is only doable because of a bug that makes an enemy stop acting after they kill one of your units, so sacrificing them to progress is the way to go.

Speaking of bugs, I found a few others, one or two being game breaking ones. Some of the text was also too fast to read for me, maybe because English is my second language. But the worse for me was actually selecting and managing units. So confusing and glitchy.

Had fun nonetheless. I'd play again after some refinement.

Audio and visuals were amazing. I also liked the systems but I don't know if I completed every quest. I found a bread but couldn't find an NPC that wanted that.