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Playing this game was like going back to 1996!

This game suprised me, the dance moves were very funny and the story was touching. Thank you for this game!

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One of the seven wonders is built now!

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That was a refreshing game!

Graphics are awesome ! This game kept me in suspense, I hope people will find the true end xD

The story is very interesting and fresh! I enjoyed it x) I can't wait to see your future games

Great game! I enjoyed the theme of the game and animations x)

Even if I didn't understand how dialogue works I found the game very interesting! Player is easily immersed in an unsetting atmosphere.

Fun game! The role of judging isn't an easy task!

A game with a deeper meaning than you would think. Unless I was on train song for too long? Thanks for your game!

The final result of this game was more realistic than I expected! Thanks for this game!

So weird, so crazy but so fun !! xD

A great point and click ! I really liked the references in this game, it was fun even if I didn't understand all the dialogues in German (zum Glück verstehe ich ein bisschen Deutsch). To conclude I enjoyed playing this game, I hope that this game will have a sequel ! (^-^)

Nice game ! Even if it was a little bit difficult to control the character I really enjoyed it ! A simple but effective game, well done !

This game is crazy (and hard too!) but I loved it ! Gotta Avoid 'Em All ! xD


Awesome game! I really enjoyed the songs. The levels are not easy but it's so fun playing this game again and again!

I liked the cardboard art! It was a very original idea for a point and click game. I really liked the ending too. It gave a "behind the scene" feeling. I hope to see more cardboard art in your games in the future or maybe a sequel of "The amazing odyssey of growing up"!

I loved this game ! There are different creatures at each level and it's really nice ! It's a real challenge to pass levels of this game.

This game is just beautiful! I had a great time !

Very unusal job even for a racoon! The special effects when the racoon was summoning ghosts were very nice. Pretty pixels! I liked this fun game and it was great to see a racoon as main character of a story!

It's very fun ! Haha


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Great game ! I really enjoyed playing this game ! It's very easy to resolve the puzzles (exempt the origami puzzle with the screen tv), I think the clues (e.g the yellow stickers) are too obvious. And I'm agree with the other comments about the sound effect that plays whenever you discover clues, I think it could be improved. I'm looking forward to seeing how the game is going to progress x)

Super expérience de jeu ! Entendre la glace craqueler au moindre faux pas met vraiment le joueur sous tension !

Hi! Well I recorded this video after my second try of the game. The last zombie really scared me!

Nice game and nice work !

Here is my let's play, sorry if it's little bit slow it's due to my capture video :/

I love the graphics ! I can't wait to play the full version xD

So nice and so fun !! xD

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Wow ! Incredible game ! It's one of the best point and click I've ever played !

Let's play avec sous-titres en français:

This game is just awesome ! I really enjoyed it ! Thanks for this game ! x)

Fun and easy ! Thanks for this game ! x)

An interesting story but I think the characters could have been better introduced and the story could certainly have been more deep. Moreover at the beginning it was a little bit difficult to understand why Charlie apologizes ? But I have to admit that the concept is nice.

Here is my let's play:

Running is life ! Thanks for this game ! x)

Very nice game ! This game is really strange but I think each person can make a different interpretation of the story.

Really really funny ! I laughed a lot !

Thanks for this game ! x)

Suppressed is a really nice game. You'll be surprised by the depth of the story. If you're hesitating to try it, here is my gameplay to convince you. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did :) :