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Im excited specially because they have gunz in the sequel

Hotturnips Im pretty sure Rocket royale is the one who either stole or used the assets in that game

Oh Its Fine The game look awsome Tho keep up the good work i think the problem goes through laptops and some pc hardware Thank you for Responding tho



I am having Fps problems on my Gaming laptop the game is running at 2fps I
My Laptop is Asus Tuf Fx705dy Its a pretty budget but kinda capable pc

You dont open it you extract it on Among Us in pc it literally says mod

Tbh Your  kinda a dickhead for being like this ngl

oR eLsE I bLoCk 


Thank you The game is good tbh i also hope for like npc and optimised gameplay like the cyberpunk remake demo the fps there was actually really smooth

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The Game is amazing but i really hope the floors werent that wet and im hoping for a Gta style open wolrd experience where you can like kill npc's or run them overor a police system but i really hope the sequel is just as good or better than this game and i did enjoy it

I have a question Any way to make the game not run at like 20-15 fps?

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Tbh I actually think this deserves a update

Lol immagine a Open world update??

Your pc probably cant run it

What do you mean "AmongUsBoi"

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Junkbytes i recommend you release it to steam or something i played this game around 2018 i think i really can see this game in a bigger fanbase keep up a goodwork cant wait for a good rewrite of the game

one more thing textures or something like foliage can make the game look so much better