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The ambience is great while the ending was terrifying!

That was an unexpected trip to... whatever this is? On the other hand, I find this experience amazing and unnerving.


All I had to do was go to the last door on the left? Seems simple...

I lost my throat in the end, but it's still worth the playthrough!

Damn! Thank you my friend ;)

Damn the art style looks great and the monster looks terrifying!

I wish there was mouse sensitivity and performance-related options in the settings. 

Overall, I am currently locking my door and wish my parents to come home early than expected.

Damn this is scary and hard! Amazing work and damn those funny fart jokes!

Well, the ending was unexpected... I wish there was more into this.

I still got scared 3 times though!

The enemy in this game is those DAMN PLANT POTS!!!

I think I somehow broke the game BADLY for some reason? What am I missing?

This is an interesting game though, I am going to include this into the description!

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This game is soo short but still makes me want to cover my arse and wear underpants while dropping the soap... I am making sure my bathroom doors are locked for now!

It was incredibly fun and scary in some parts, now I can take a massive crap in fear. Thank you!

(Warning: Bad headset audio in this video)

I wasn't expecting this game to...

Very fun, now I can die of dehydration! Thank you, good sir.