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A member registered Aug 25, 2016

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Nice idea. After a couple of tries I got the idea of the gameplay. unique mechanic ! I certainly like this! 

Nice! Looks and feels like something i really like to play. 

Wow, its been a while for me that happened. But i am actually look forward to have some wait cycles to play this game.

However, you really need to add some online highscore list or even better a highscore group feature. Like the desktop tower defense game used to have.

It works pretty simple. If and when you save your highscore you get to choose your name and a groupname. Anybody can see the group highscores by setting the name because why not.

If you need some serverside assistance. I can do that. But thinking about it probably has that already? I am new here.

Again, thanks for the awesome game.

from the really to warm Hannover, Germany