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Really cool game.

Fun game :).

Wow. Just wow.

Very tense atmosphere.

The graphics are very good. The atmosphere is incredible. I understand the slower movement for the demo.  Its just something  to think about when the full game is released. Thank you for replying. 

Really cool game so far. I just wish we could walk faster.

Thank you 😊

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Hey really enjoyed the game. Very good sound. The rotating house was fun 😂. I also like the story behind it. I hope he put the whisky down.

Very good atmosphere.

Really enjoyed the game :).

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Another Classic horror game. Great atmosphere, Great scares great time :)

A story mode would be cool.

Cool game,

I cant wait for the full version of this. 

Really fun short game :).

Really enjoyable. I really like the effects.

SALVATION community · Created a new topic Wow

Love this game. Very good atmosphere.

Love the music video.

This game was so much fun. I like the visuals of it.

This was very strange. I think its the best game that i have played of yours. I love the atmosphere. And the visuals.


Thank you i am very well. hope you are to. Cant wait to see what you do next. 

Very enjoyable. But very depressing. I cant wait to see were this goes.

This made my day hahaha. 

made my day :)


Game of the year 2021

Very fun experience. I wonder what id going to happen next.


Hey i like what you have done. The new areas are good. The atmosphere is good. I just wish you didnt leave the end like that hahahaha.

Very fun game. Cool story.

hey i like the idea. i want to no more about how this all happend. 

This looks very interesting so far. I want to no what happened to everyone.

Why is mother so breathy lol. Really fun short game,

Hello and a merry humbug to all :). This game was fun love the atmosphere. Man those puzzles frustrated the shit out of me haha. 

made my day. :) 

I like the secret endings in this. Adds another layer to the game.

hello. this was  nice and relaxing up until there was rituals mentioned haha. Good game i hope this continues.

This was so much fun.  No evil gnomes can stop christmas. haha

Nice short jumpy game.

Very good short horror game. I was not expecting that ending lol.