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Okay! thanks a ton for the feedback! When I have time I will look into separating the spritesheet. I'm glad you got some use out of it!

if you ended up using these, is there anything that could be improved to make it easier or better to use in the future? Thanks for trying it out tho :D

The one marked as "Java Included" comes bundled with its own java runtime so you don't need to install java, but it takes up more space. The one just marked as "windows 64" doesn't come with java, has a smaller filesize but requires the user to install java themselves or have it installed already. The debug one is for people who can't get the executable to run, and it prints out some debug information. If you arent sure if you have Java or not, and know you have a 64-bit windows installation, go with "Windows 64 Java Included"

tldr: if you aren't sure, go with "Windows 64 Java Included"

I've tested it myself on a bunch of different machines and it's worked on all of them, so it's definitely not something that'd be happening to everyone. If you want you can try using the debug release (make sure you delete the log files before running it) and checking to see what stage the program gets to before it crashes. It might even work since there a few differences in that version. The only thing I haven't tested it on is a machine with either no nvidia GPU, and I'm wondering if that's the problem. Anyway hopefully the debug release works for you :)

Sorry about this, it's a known bug, but I haven't been able to find a reason why it happens.  I can't promise I can fix it but it'd be awesome if you could let me know what OS you are using and your CPU/GPU brand, and maybe if you have Java installed and what version it is. You don't have to  but I'd appreciate it :) It's kinda frustrating that for some people the software just straight up doesn't work and I don't know why.

The play button or pressing space doesn't seem to work in firefox /: other than that it's a cool tool

No, sorry

Thank you :) If you have any feedback that would be suuuper appreciated as I'm new to this whole asset pack thing 

This is pretty cool! I like the concept. I'd suggest reducing the amount of health you have and lowering the number of chests around to make the game more challenging.

I really enjoyed it and I especially love the atmosphere you've managed to create using just text characters. The mechanic with that creature that doesn't move during normal game turns also makes the stakes feel much higher, and encourages you to keep moving while still maintaining that classic turn system. Great game!

I made this when i first found out about fantasy consoles, having absolutely know idea how they actually worked. So i probably wouldn’t recommend using this for anything, and no it’s not real assembly at all. It was my attempt at making a scripting language at the time. I’m much more aware of how they typically work now but I doubt i’d make something like this again, so don’t worry about it :)

congratulations for being able to read this text

yeah it isn't a real browser, it just loads text files. I thunk creating an actual webpage renderer would be a lot of work

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No problem!


Just operating systems in general. I've always wanted to design my own and while I don't have the skill-set to make a real one I do have the ability to make a fake one, so I did.

How did you get to pixel art?

Since I enjoy making games and software you kind of always need to make your own assets, and while trying out different things I've learned how to make lots of types of art, from pixel art to 3D models (you can see this in the icon sets, theres also some hidden unused icons in brastinos/system/icons, the 3D ones are my favourite. )

App building techniques.

I partially got to this, if you type "debug" in the console you can see a window attribute editor I was making before i switched to the new code base. But - you still can technically make your own programs. All of the programs in brastinos are using different elements that you can add to windows using the "create" command. When I have more time I can write out a more detailed description of how the command works, but for now try things like

  • create window <script to initialize the window with>

For these next ones, make sure the script or console is targeting the window you want to add the features to. You can use "target <window ID>" or right click on the window and click "set console target", and you should see the console window say "Console > <window>".

  • create text <text> <x> <y>
  • create button <text> <x> <y> <script>
  • create explorer <directory>
  • create texteditor <type> <name> (this might be a bit broken i think)
  • create imageviewer <image directory>
  • create textbox <x> <y> <w> <h> (dont know if this one will work)
  • create explorerbox <directory> <x> <y> <w> <h>
  • create colourpicker <variable> (for example "create colourpicker settings_titlebg "
  • create popup <title> <text>
  • create settings

Then you can use the update command to modify some of these (this part is unfinished)

  • update text text <element ID> <text>
  • update button text <elementID> <text>
  • update textbox getvar <variable to set> <elementID> (this takes the input from the textbox element and assigns it to a variable

You can also use "properties" to modify the window

  • properties name <name>
  • properties resize <boolean> (this determines whether or not the window can be resized
  • properties size <w> <h>
  • properties icon <icon id> ( a number between 1-7 i thinkkk but you could try others)
  • properties position <x> <y>

then to change the colour of text you can use

  • fill <r> <g> <b>

If you put all these commands in a text file and then right click > run in window or use the "create window <script" command it will run it as an application. If you want an example of how you can use this, the properties window (right click on file or window and click properties) uses this system, and you can find the script file at "brastinos/properties"

In the next release (probably a while away) im rewriting the whole thing from scratch so that every single UI element is contained in variables that you can modify, meaning the whole operating system should be accessible this way, rather than just a few elements.

The ability to make a file from the user's computer to brastin os (this might take time)

This is already possible! You can drag and drop files directly into the brastinos directory.  All of the files in brastinOS are real files that you can manipulate outside of the program.

Chrome like thing

There's a way to download the html from sites and display it in the text editor, theres an example of this at "brastinos/desktop/programs/custom/browser.txt" right click the file, and hit "run in window" and it will download the page from the url in the text file.

When I save a notepad file, even if I save as or save, I can't close it. It is saying (unsaved changes).

I've noticed this and I've tried to tackle the problem a few times. It sounds like an easy fix but the way brastinOS works makes it difficult for the text editor to communicate with that dialogue. Hopefully the rewrite im doing will fix issues like this.

edit: you can work around this issue by right clicking the notepad title bar and clicking "close"

And hey! Are you going to make more softwares like this or stop within the music player.

Hopefully! I really like making software since I enjoy designing interfaces to be pretty, not just functional. I'm working on a new piece of software right now and this time it will be for both android and PC. If you have any ideas let me know :)

Thanks for your interest in my stuff!

I have yet to start working on it yet as I am very busy, but hopefully I will have some free time to work on it soon. Hopefully I'll be able to make it a lot more feature complete during the process too, but no promises. Thanks for your interest!

Thank you!

It's made in Processing. I absolutely love Processing since it makes graphics really really simple as you can draw to the screen straight away.

There's also my own "script" language in there too that some of the programs use, but it's really really bad. 

I'm currently re-writing the entire thing from scratch to be a lot more modular and accessible from the scripting language. Once I have a solid base I should be able to make the rest of the UI and programs in that language, meaning components can be modified fully using the script files.

Thats strange, that makes it seem like the program isnt actually crashing at all it just refuses to render. I've tested my player in person on 3 different computers, but they all were intel + nvidia systems. Are you using an amd gpu or cpu? I might try releasing a version with a different render engine that might be compatible on more systems.

That's so strange - the logs show everything is fine, but it looks like it should be crashing somewhere in the setup phase. The only other thing i can think of is that its not actually updating the files at all. Could you try deleting the log files and seeing if it replaces them? You could also potentially try the 32 bit version. Thanks for the help and I'm sorry its still not working for you.

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There's a new download listed as "MMP Windows 64" and this version should work, and if it doesn't I've set it up to output two different crash logs. If it doesn't work, would you mind sending me the two crash log files? Another thing you could try is also deleting the preference file (data/preferences.txt). Once again thanks for the detailed feedback, and I'm sorry I can't immediately fix the issue because it runs normally on my machine.

oh wow thats really detailed, thanks! I'll try and work out whats causing the issue ASAP

oh also - does the screen flash white or stay white?
and does the blank screen fill the entire display or just the MMP window?

Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it. Make sure all the files from the download are included with the program when you run it. (not saying you haven't, it's just to make sure that its not the issue)

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Oui :)

c'est animé mais vous pouvez désactiver l'animation (j'ai également utilisé google translate désole)

Looks cool but just FYI this doesnt fit the 64x64 resolution constraint which is the main purpose of the jam

Yeah it is made with processing, and thank you! Good luck making yours!!! Something that I've been trying to do for ages but never been able to achieve is to directly open audio files in the player by double clicking them. Maybe u could try and do that? I love seeing people push the limits of processing.

If anyone is looking to use Processing for the jam, I've made a template that makes it easy to get a 64x64 resolution centered canvas, without texture filtering and anti aliasing. It sets the window, canvas and variables up for you so you can immediately work on your 64x64 game.

I'm not sure if using this code is allowed (?) but considering that it's making the restriction of a 64x64 resolution more accessible I'm sure its ok and in the spirit of the jam. 

Feel free to use it !!! I'd love to see some games made with processing here!

// 64x64 Resolution Game Template for Processing
// Brastin 2020 PGraphics canvas;
int canvasx;
int canvasy; int canvasw;
int canvash; int canvasMouseX;
int canvasMouseY; void setup(){
    size(700,700,P2D);                       // P2D renderer is required to turn off texture filtering, but
                                           // if you dont need it you can use the default renderer
  surface.setResizable(true);              // allow the user to resize the window
  ((PGraphicsOpenGL)g).textureSampling(3); // turn off texture filtering (no blurry textures)
  canvas = createGraphics(64,64);          // create 64x64 canvas
  noSmooth();                              // turn off antialiasing   } void draw(){
    // canvas border
    // centre canvas on screen
    // mouse location relative to the canvas
  canvasMouseX = (mouseX-canvasx)/(canvasw/64);
  canvasMouseY = (mouseY-canvasy)/(canvash/64);
    // 64x64 canvas drawing code
  canvas.rect(16,16,32,32);  // example rectangle
  canvas.rect(canvasMouseX-4,canvasMouseY-4,8,8); // example mouse location
    // draw canvas to screen
Good luck!!!

No, sorry. The PC version is pancake only for now. I did pick up a new computer recently so i should be able to port it over to run on SteamVR soon. Then testing it will be much easier too.

No. I'm not going to make the source publicly accessible.

The update is live now if you wanted to check it out :)

I made this myself and didn't use a tutorial. I don't think there are any tutorials for this sort of thing since its so obscure, but I suggest trying to get a basic window environment working first if you want to work towards an operating system shell.

A tutorial for what exactly? Processing? If so look up daniel shiffman on youtube,  he's got some great processing tutorials

If you're thinking of downloading this please hold off for a few days, I'm about to release a big update soon.


Yeah, I made it in processing. It's probably not the best thing for it but its something I'm super familiar with so its much faster than learning something new

oh wow! I've never had anyone ask to give money before haha. I really want to set up multiplayer but I'm still learning the ropes with Unity and VR, and mixing multiplayer and VR together sounds a little difficult.  I've considered adding donations but I haven't figured out how to / gotten around to doing it. Once again though, thank you !

Not at the moment sorry, its too difficult for me to develop a PC VR game without a good enough computer and a tethered headset. Its on my todo list when I've got a better setup though for sure.

I'm sorry I have no idea how to uninstall sideloaded apks - have you tried deleting the folder through explorer? If you still can't figure it out get back to me and I'll try and I'll help as much as I can.

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I've now submitted the game to SideQuest now that a bunch of the bad bugs are gone, so now you can download it on there and get automatic updates.

EDIT: its on there now and my god I was not expecting that much exposure the popularity of this game just skyrocketed

I'm going to release it there once I've fixed up all the problems with this build. If you really want to try it out you can use the apk in downloads section and it'll work just fine. Just drag and drop it on Sidequest and itll load just like a normal sidequest game.

This game seems cool but I cant figure out the crafting recipe for sticks, and repeatedly whacking the crafting table only to find out that the recipe is wrong can get tiring when trying different combinations. Maybe there could be a little indication that what you have on the table will make something? Also I like the idea of the jogging in place, and its kind of fun, but its not great when it comes to fine movements. I don't have much space to walk around and sometimes its really difficult positioning myself to use the crafting table without hitting anything, since ill often accidentally run onto the table. The movement seems slow for long distance but too fast for short distances like that. Maybe turning off autojump and having some sort of manual jump option could fix the problem.  The hand tracking support is cool but I cant figure out what gesture I have to use to grab stuff.  Some sort of menu / help screen that detailed controls or unusual crafting recipes that pops up when you click the menu button would be super helpful, since after reading the first screen and popping into the game I quickly forgot most of what it said. I also feel like the distance you need to move your hands is a little too far, sometimes I'm scared to punch the block and have to double check my arm wont go outside the boundary first. Some vibration in the controllers when you successfully hit something would be super helpful too.

Sorry for that massive paragraph of my suggestions, aside from that the game is really cool. Its awesome that its one of the first real games with hand tracking too. I can't wait to try it out more after an update. I'd definitely recommend it to people if the controls were a little more forgiving.