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Wow this is really great!

Thanks! :D

A super violent FPS

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I can't help but feel that there is no solution and it was made just to torment me

Problem solved! :D

As soon as I started it up this popped up

Ooops, we have a bad news...
Please, send this error to @egordorichev.
It is in your clipboard now.

src/carts.lua:51: attempt to index global 'version' (a nil value)

error.lua:39: in function '__index'
src/carts.lua:51: in function 'load'
src/neko8.lua:40: in function 'init'
main.lua:67: in function 'load'
main.lua:399: in function <main.lua:389>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Awesome :)

This looks really cool! I haven't played it yet, but I'm definitely going to when I have time :)

I think it's just because I forgot to add an author to the program, so it triggers an alert saying it came from an "unknown source" or something. 

If you don't want to install it, don't. I might upload a html5 version so you don't have to download anything if you are concerned about security

Well, maybe.. its a really rubbish game in all honesty, I only made it in like 2 hours because I was really busy

This is really cool, I didn't expect it to let you explore the maze in 3d at the end

Cool :D

I don't really see any problems with it, and I especially like how the colours change depending on the amount of neighbours a cell has. Something cool to add would be an option to fill the screen with random cells, and maybe have an option to enter some sort of seed. Other than that it's really nice!


*seinfeld theme plays*

WOW! Thats such a cool idea! I would love to see what things other people create with this

The ending really scared me haha

Replied to bamsarker in auta comments

Thanks, I was  wondering how it works!

That's what I originally had in mind, but I was too busy to implement anything complicated. I originally intended to have people be actively walking in and using the toilets while you clean up after them, and you have to buy better equipment and stuff. Thanks for the feedback though! :)

Pretty cool! Spent five minutes making some art in it. 

why is the 64 bit download a .rar file?

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This is cool. Could you post the rules of the cells in the description?

Wow! this game looks super amazing. Can't wait until the release :D

nice little tool. played around with it a bit.

Oh cool! I appreciate the support and thanks for including me in your video :)