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Thanks! I've been trying to work on Linux and macOS support and hopefully it will release soon. I've never really used linux so its been difficult for me to get everything working

Thanks :D I really wish it could be a real one too. Maybe I could figure out how to make them

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I don't really understand whats going on but it looks cool

Thanks for trying my game! I've updated it and it has a lot more features now, if you want to give it another go.  There's now 4 different game modes. Once again thanks for playing!

I played for a solid 40 mins but I couldn't find the fourth cat. You absolutely nailed the playstation vibe though, I love the intro. I also found a bug, if you fall off the edge of the stairs in the building in the forest, it will teleport you back to the cat temple thing, but every teleporter after that will just teleport you back to the temple, even if you select "wake" it just teleports you back to the temple. Apart from that this game is amazing!

This is happening with me too. I'm trying to download a 4 MB file with a speed of 400 *bytes* a second. I have never ever had a speed that low, and currently its only with this website ):

I caught my files nefariously drinking mustard in my documents folder - Thanks Electric File Monitor!

I havent bought the game yet but I love the LEGO LOCO style menu thing and everything, and I don't think ive seen anyone point that out yet

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Oh yeah that was so annoying. The way I fixed it was instead of checking if a key was pressed using keyPressed and checking hat key was being held at the time, I had up, left, down, and right variables. In the keyPressed() function I check what key is pressed and change the variable to true, and in the keyReleased() function I check which key gets released and change the variable to false. This way you can check if multiple keys are pressed at a time, and it doesn't do that weird thing where it can't decide what key is being pressed. Sorry if that was confusing but I hope it helped :)

Heres an example with two buttons (left and right)

boolean left;
boolean right;
int x;
void keyPressed(){
void keyReleased(){
void move(){

Thanks! :)

Thank you!

What do you mean by smooth controls? Like just the physics or the key inputs?

Thank you! And yes, I'll check it out when I can :)

Thanks! :D

Thank you so much! I'll have to check out your project! :D

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Thanks for at least checking it out haha. If you did actually want to play it I'll add in arrow key support in the next release :P ty for the suggestion! :D (I could also change the z key to work as up too if that works)

Edit: woah! congrats on winning :D

The style is really cool and ties in well with the minimalistic theme and the controls are nice, but the game is a little too slow paced. If you increased the enemy count or speed I'm sure this would make a really fun game! Also, congrats on finishing your first game!


Thank you so much! This is so good to hear especially since I thought my game wasn't actually that polished. Really nice feedback :D

Thank you :D

I put Java in there so you don't need Java to run it. I should have included a version without java. I'll probably update the game with fixes and a non java download.

Thank you!

This is really cool, most games like this are entirely text based/2d. The cameras and the drones really made it a realistic game. My favourite part was the coffee cup on the note. You can't do that in other games like this :D

Great game, ty for making it, I can't wait until more content is added.

If you made this in unity a VR version would be aaaaaaaaaaaaaweesome. (please leave the pixelation filter in if you do because pixelated games in VR are so awesome) :D

The style could either be described as "aesthetic" or "vaporwave". look up either of those things on google and you'd probably find stuff the same style as this game

Is the patch on steam too or only on

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Thanks! I found the problem and will release a fix soon. This issue shouldn't interfere too much for now, so you should still be able to use the FC after it shows that message.

Did you read the post before posting? That’s not what he is asking about

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This is really cool! I especially like the music :)

Edit: I feel like the jump is a little to high, it makes it too easy to stay up around the top level of platforms. Also I've played the game this is based off and its a pretty good de-make :D

Wow this is really great!

Thanks! :D

A super violent FPS

I can't help but feel that there is no solution and it was made just to torment me

Problem solved! :D

As soon as I started it up this popped up

Ooops, we have a bad news...
Please, send this error to @egordorichev.
It is in your clipboard now.

src/carts.lua:51: attempt to index global 'version' (a nil value)

error.lua:39: in function '__index'
src/carts.lua:51: in function 'load'
src/neko8.lua:40: in function 'init'
main.lua:67: in function 'load'
main.lua:399: in function <main.lua:389>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

Awesome :)

This looks really cool! I haven't played it yet, but I'm definitely going to when I have time :)

I think it's just because I forgot to add an author to the program, so it triggers an alert saying it came from an "unknown source" or something. 

If you don't want to install it, don't. I might upload a html5 version so you don't have to download anything if you are concerned about security

Well, maybe.. its a really rubbish game in all honesty, I only made it in like 2 hours because I was really busy

This is really cool, I didn't expect it to let you explore the maze in 3d at the end