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Simulacrum Indica

A member registered Sep 17, 2019

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To preface, this game is better than anything I could have ever expected up front- you are doing great work, and I'll be buying this game on release. I have faith that everything in this list will be fixed/improved before release, including bugs I've likely missed. 

That said, I'm making this post for feedback. Here goes-


*in borderless, music sound will occasionally cut out when you tab out/tab back in, fixed with using a mouse click after retabbing (I think)

*when in the pause screen, after going over to the Options tab, often becomes unable to be interacted with until closing and reopening with Start.

*On level-up, can stamp anywhere on the screen (including before it fully loads) of the screen (a feature perhaps?) 

*Every time you walk close to the entrance of the arena, Dub gives you the same talk about streaming and will do so again after you exit/return to the area.

*Weapons and Boons will be de-equipped on every reload.

*Quest objective markers will often clone themselves when completed, giving you identical markers (the boxes next to the text under the quest description), but one with a star.

*Both the "Marital Issues" and "Three Spirits and One Gladius" disappear upon save/reload, and the Gladius quest kept resetting while softlocking me out of getting the reward- however, with repeated reloads I was somehow able to get the quest to complete. I was not so lucky with Marital Issues, as I cannot collect the ring twice- I'll attempt to have another playthrough to get it at a later date.

*In "Sneaky Saboteur" I somehow got the quest reward twice, with the first time talking to the Foreman not marking the quest as completed.

*scrolling all the way down in the Quests menu will take you back to the top of the quests currently being DISPLAYED, not the top of the Quest list. 

*quest completion stars will show on the bottom/top borders of the notebook while scrolling

*Sometimes I will be completely unable to jump, with loaf simply squashing slightly as if to jump, without ever actually jumping, even though it plays the sound.

*Occasionally using an item will reset health/will/RP to the number it was supposed to restore the resource by instead of adding on top (possibly when it would go over? not sure.) 

*Fought an invisible enemy that could not be targeted by the axe/pickaxe, but was able to be targeted by Lint's tail attack.

*I had a softlock during the conversation with two of the raccoons that had Lint's text refuse to leave the screen, causing me to Alt+F4 to continue playing.

*No option to adjust the volume, which was extremely loud until I turned it down to 20% in windows- may also want to make the music softer in general, and give us sliders to adjust the music/sfx individually.

*The boss fight at the end (no spoilers) has a camera view that makes it almost impossible to use the Axe or Pickaxe, as the two enemies are out to the side, and lining up a shot on the boss is frustrating. 

*After breaking the crystal using the fire run in the mines, the model was gone but still could not walk on the spot where it was, as if it was still there.

*A strange glitch where after the first turn of said boss fight, I kept seeing the battle cards for Lint while Loaf was being attacked by the enemy taking their turn out of order, had to Alt+F4 to continue.

*Right after completion of boss fight, triggered a battle with 4 random enemies with no indicator of their presence (I assume they weren't meant to be there), after which the boss overworld sprite had disappeared, but the leader raccoon still was in his pre-bossfight appearance (glasses above eyes) until spoken to, with the other two being invisible except for the dialogue boxes during speaking to their leader.


I hope this was helpful for making your game better, and if/when I get around to another playthrough I'll make another log of my experiences with bug/glitches.

I know you'll do great things, Wildarts. Make us proud.

I love this program- But one thing that REALLY gets on my nerves is that after I install tiled, I cannot delete the shortcut from the desktop. It just won't let me. It doesn't give me the option to NOT make one either.

Can you change this, please?