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Hello and thank your for your comment,

We are sorry to know you encounter issue to play our game. For me (in browser mod) it took ~15seconds to almost reach the end of the loading + 20 seconds to finally load the last part. Maybe you'll get more look if you try again later ? Otherwise, I can propose you to download the game, it dowloads almost instantly :) Sorry I don't know how to help you more. Let us know if this solved your problem

Comment on ban les gens ici...

C'est juicy !

Waouh so cool. Great level design and puzzles. And everything is clear, the transitions between stages are really smooth. You are a pro game jamer, I can tell !

Yeah shame ^^ Entirely my fault by the way... My girlfriend (and partner) had been hospitalized just before the jam. She was no longer able to use her computer so I did my best during the last 24h (jaming and taking care of her <3). I litterally finished the jam at the hospital with her wifi. She was really courageous, she had a lombar puncture.

Thank you and great score ! Mine is 26, I think.

Thank you for playing the game ! Yeah the resolution is a bit odd… I deleted a "px" without noticing in a file and after I tried to correct it, it deleted the whole game --' So… if someone wants to play the final version, it is accessible here.

Really cool game. Congratulations. The controls are really frustrating with the inertia of the boat and I still don't understand how to precisely aim but great experience.

Thanks ! Yeah, maybe better with a mouse ^^ (I myself play with the trackpad but we have a strong bond)

Merci ! On a hâte de te revoir à une prochaine Jam ;)

Je l'ai fini ! JE L'AI FINI ! ENFIIIIN... passé la barre des 20 premiers, on sent la difficulté psychologique instaurée par le game designer. La fin vaut presque le coup.

Thank you ! What is your score ?

Merci ! Hésite pas à aller voir notre autre dernier jeu de game jam "Here's your gift"

Sinon mon bien-aimé Limited Connection :

Et finalement, notre véritable projet de jeu vidéo, Bleak World :

Hey, plutôt bon à vrai dire. Level design sympa, le jeu se comprend bien et l'effet du temps qui passe est bien réussi, c'est très fluide. Bravo.