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A member registered Jul 12, 2020

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This game was really fun. Thanks for the scares! I enjoyed the show.

This game is awesome! I look forward to the official release!

I feel like I might be missing something. Is there more to it than just watching the aliens and ducks run into each other?

The game doesn't seem to load

I made it to level 10. Simple game, but still fun. Addition of complexity as the levels increase is good. It does start to get complicated as the levels increase, but I found myself being more hindered by not being quick enough to change the color as opposed to trying to solve the puzzle. Maybe slow down the ball on more complicated levels, or try to leave a little more room for time when having to switch to multiple colors in a short amount of time. Overall a pretty good game, although not super sure how it relates to the theme 'Out of Control', other than not being able to control the ball directly. Good job!

This game was a blast to work on! While we didn't get all of the game mechanics and functionality in that we wanted, I feel very good about what we accomplished in the 48 hours we had to work on it.