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Brandon Thread

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I guess I killed my friend... But the colors were great!

Also the "retry" button was a neat idea!

Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to enjoy it.
I had intended to submit it for the November jam, but I finished a little late due to some other commitments.

This is a great idea! A museum space where interactive art and sound can be appreciated in the environment in which they were designed to be appreciated.

Also, how do I commission a "Fountain Room" for my house? =P

I like this!

It's an interesting take of the dialogue system, and the art looks wonderful.

Great job!

Thanks. The inspiration was very draining.

I see what you did there.

I'll forgive you this time...

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I'm a game dev / composer.

I've tried Ludum Dare a few times, but I get too ambitious and fail to meet the deadline. As such, I'm really just looking to write a song or three for anyone who is interested. I can put in whatever time is needed to make sure the music is on par.

This portfolio contains a small collection of soundtrack-related work. This portfolio contains some chiptune-styled work.

Contact me via email (brandon at threadsmind dot com) or twitter(@happygameguy).

Side Note: I'm well versed in C# and Unity's inner workings, so I can lend a hand debugging things or giving general development feedback.