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Brandon Thread

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Yep! I may add some final text to each item to make that a little more clear.
Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for playing!

This was really nice, Caeth.

Thank you for making it.

Thank you! And thanks for playing!

Wow! I love the art in this!

I also love 1.9 more things...

Great work! The ending was really a nice twist.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

This is my spirit bitsy.


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Also this: 


Sounds like a Dalek when run in the default itch page, YMMV in fullscreen. haha

This is super neat and I love it.

Thanks! Also yeah... I like to leave the keys open to exploration! =P

I don't get it, but maybe that's the point? haha

Excellent storytelling! I loved this.

Thank you!

Thank you for playing! =D

Thank you! =D



They were fun to make until I added the levers. Then I had to make rooms for each on/off toggle state... for every other state change. That last puzzle had way too many rooms haha.

absurd! outrageous! possibly illegal!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! =D


Thank you for listening! I released an update today that seems to have fixed most of the FF issues I was seeing, but I'm glad to know it is working for others too! XD

Technically yes. It's in a pretty rough state right now, so at most it changes key and tempo. Pressing the button just pauses the music at the moment. It's a nice way to stop/restart the music without ugly audio pops.

I'm planning to make it more differentiated in future updates though!

The goal is to be able to use it as a "live" soundtrack for web games.

Thanks! Your videos are always great!

Thanks! It was fun coming up with them.


If you are using Chrome, you will need to add a tiny bit of js to make audio work. Chrome killed auto-play audio sources a few months ago, so now you have to have some sort of user interaction to make it "autoplay".

Best practice for the audio tag is something like this:

   <audio id="soundtrack" loop>
       <source src="yourfile.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

Then you would you would hook into that audio tag id when the user first interacts with the game:

       function ostPlay() {
           document.removeEventListener('click', ostPlay);
           document.removeEventListener('touch', ostPlay);
       document.addEventListener("click", ostPlay);
       document.addEventListener("touch", ostPlay);

It's a little annoying, but until Chrome comes up with a better solution or reverses this change there's not really another option.

I hope this helps!

Thanks! Calm and lonely was my goal for the bot (and i guess this game too)!

Yeah... I wanted to try to do other people's bots (cause there are so many neat ones!) but I have almost no time this week. I've had "Lonely Monoliths" on my mind a lot recently (I'm trying to rewrite the code to be more interesting) and I wanted to do something for this jam. I'm glad you like it!

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY (in a few days)!

See... It was so much easier to play this game locally... haha

Thanks for the advice! I'll have to add better instructions. =)

ONION! This is so good!

I just spent a good 20 minutes walking around talking to everyone and clicking on everything to see what each thing did! I LOVE all of the little interactions you put in.

I think the fireflies were the most unexpected. I giggled out loud when I turned off one of their little lights!

Also the music was SOOO nice! 

Gosh. I guess I just wanted to say this game is hecka fantastic, and it inspired me to want to go finish some of the games I've abandoned recently.

Thank you for making this.


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I really liked this!

The gameplay with the dungeon keys was neat, and the dialogue was fun! The music was very fitting with the art-style and dungeon theme.

It took me a second to realize I needed to talk to npcs multiple times, but once I figured it out I talked to everyone until they started repeating things. I think I annoyed the cat in the final room. =P

Great job!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing! =D

Thanks! And based on this comment, I'm fully expecting your tape to drop any time now. haha

Thanks! I actually put effort into the dialogue this time. I'm glad it paid off. =P

thanks! I was fresh from making that bitsy keyboard and wanted to incorporate it in some way.


Thanks! I did the same thing when I was testing it. Haha

That was my first thought when I was figuring out how to do it, "surely this has been done before... it's too easy!"

Thanks! I built it as part of a character creator for a larger game that I'm currently developing.

Ah! This was so good! I loved how everyone's personalities made it feel like a happy little rainbow of party people.

I am sad I missed this one, but everyone did such a great job!

Thank you! I was going for a sort of bittersweet memory. I'm glad that translated.