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Right now the only way is using an external video editor: trim the part you want, render that as its own file and corrupt it, then add it back into the original project.

If you want to get fancy you can use blending modes like lighten/darken or a mask to create a better transition.

It's a bit of a process. I've thought about building this feature into the program, but it needs some significant UI work to be useful so I haven't planned it yet.

Also responded on GitHub, but for anyone seeing this thread later, this is fixed in 22.09.01

The window is cut off? What OS?

As a possible workaround you can try maximizing the window if your screen resolution is large enough.

I'll record this as a potential issue, thanks for reporting.

Maybe- it'd probably require a bit more carefulness on the program's part to solve, which would be nice to have but isn't there quite yet.

The latest update handles audio slightly differently, so for some settings it stays in sync better, but it's still not perfect.

Thanks for your feedback! The latest version might have fixed this, give it a try if you're still interested.