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A note on background CPU usage: I don't know if this is a Wine/Ubuntu-specific problem, but those of you who run this game in Ubuntu under Wine may notice that when the game is minimized, it still uses a bunch of CPU.

  • My solution for this was to go to the task manager and Stop (not terminate!) the War of the Lilies.exe process, then Continue it when I wanted to resume.
  • Alternatively, you can launch War of the Lilies from a terminal window, hit Ctrl-Z in the terminal to pause the process when you want to take a break, then enter fg in the terminal to resume.

I couldn't get the Linux version working on my Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic), so instead I manually downloaded/unzipped the Windows version and ran it using Wine. The Unity splash screen looks a little wonky when you do this, but everything else works perfectly, and I was able to play through to the end.

As for the game itself, I'm a little too lazy to properly articulate why I like it, but heck yeah I loved it! The lack of a save feature had me a little worried, but the game is brief enough that when I needed to take a break, I could just minimize it and put my computer to sleep.

yay i found the true protagonist 馃惥

huh, what does this KNOWN_WARDS file do

eh, probably nothing

10/10 i'm a dirty cheater

I found this twine meaningful, and maybe you will too. A single playthrough is just 5 minutes-- you'll know soon enough whether you like it or not-- so go ahead and try it.

The post-compo version crashes on Linux (core dump after the configuration window), but I was able to play the Windows version on Linux by running it with Wine.

Seconding this. I'm using Linux too and I'd love to play this game!