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Video starts at *;27 

Honestly, I REALLY enjoyed this. I really love the graphical style and fun gameplay this had, I do wish it was a bit longer and more fleshed out towards the end since I wanted to see more. Only downside I felt was towards the end, I felt like the enemy could have ran faster if your given a gun to dispose of him, but because the player can basically outrun him I just outran him instead of killing him over and over making it more easier than it should have been, increasing the enemies speed and perhaps adding some sort of sound cue as he gets closer would have made that ending part much more scarier than it could have been. I still enjoy it all though and its worth a shot :)

The video starts at 5:27

So, The Cabin, looks like our boy Santa hasn't had a happy Christmas at all and decided to murder everybody, sadly. Was a fun experience to play, felt a bit to short but that's alright, The key hunting and all was extremely easy and the jump scares I feel like could have been better, well the jump scares where well made its just the santa model wasn't scary at all haha. Overall though it was a fun experience! I don't get why there was so much meat in those presents though! WHO KNOWS! 

Had no clue what the heck I was getting myself into when I was walking around the peaceful city of Muse. Forgot it was a horror game at one point! But the soundtrack and visuals where stunning and relaxing to watch/listen to. Than things lets just say take a turn for the worst! Short but sweet experience, I think its worth a shot to play.

FINALLY! The final part to this great game! Finally rounded up all the convicts and got to the end. Overall I had a ton of fun with the whole experience, didn't expect much going in but It was quite enjoyable. Thanks again for the dev for reaching out to me and good luck to you on future projects :) 

Video starts at 15:49. Short but enjoyable experience, I really enjoyed the visuals going into this right off the bat. The story it tells about nuclear warheads and such and the horrors it causes was a great touch and really enjoyed it. Overall a fun experience :) 

Video starts at 7:37. What can I say? It's an extremely short parody funny horror game! Didn't know what to expect when I jumped in it but it was fun experience none the less, not much to say aside from, do you want a sprite cranberry? 

FINALLY! Got a chance to play this after the dev reached out to me. From what I saw it looked interesting/fun but still didn't know if I was going to enjoy it or not. But once I started playing I honestly COULDN'T put it down! I had a ton of fun with it, It took me about two hours to complete all 7 stages and reach the final boss and beat em up. The various weapons, upgrades to said weapons and different abilities you can buy between zones and different variety of characters with different skill sets and weapons is all great and creative adding various sorts of different play styles you can mess around with! Including once you beat the game all the modifiers *called Struggle* ingame that you can adjust to add more of a challenge for a second playthrough offers even more replayability to the game making it more fun to challenge ones self after beating the main game. I didn't find the normal difficulty that hard unlike others have stated. I only died fully once and had to restart a playthrough again but on the second one I beat the game. But the game does offer an easier variant to its normal for players who are struggling or not used to these sorta games. Overall a fun experience!

No problem anytime! I hope you continue to make more games :)

I really enjoyed my experience with The Hospital and the twists it had through out the story, it was way more story based than horror based which is fine, I didn't mind it personally. The attention to detail with each item you could interact with was great, not everybody obviously but I enjoyed that extra added detail to the game personally. If you're looking for a short story based horror instead of jumpscare or chase horror than this game is for you! Cheers to the devs by the way. 

Didn't know what I was getting into playing this! But it was a fun experience honestly! Short but sweet. This game gave me a reason never to be a babysitter! Can't ever be to safe, right?

I really loved the look/art style to this game! Short but sweet experience that was very well done and polished! I had fun playing this, wish the devs would make more horror honestly! But I wish them the best of luck on whatever genre they end up enjoying the best to make games for!

Short but fun spongebob horror experience! Some of the jumpscares really did get me! I like that there's multiple endings to the game and such. Also the last ending behind the metal door is SO WTF and CRAZY! It would take your around 15 mins or less to beat so it's for sure worth a try! I really enjoyed it myself. 

So I played an earlier version of the game and I had a bunch of fun with it, so I decided to play it again once I heard an update was added to the game adding various new things to it.  HAD a huge blast with this new update, introductions of the shotgun and uzi where a blast to play around with as well as the new enemy designs. The riot shields boys LITERALLY annoying but I enjoy the added challenge to it. Really good job to the dev and the work they're  doing here! 

The SOUND design was out of this WORLD! Really had me on edge the whole entire time! Short but very fun game, a little bit of frame drops here and there but overall a great experience, great job on the devs for this :) ! 

GREAT STUFF! Had me scared through out the whole thing! Short but fun experience that's well worth your time, I can't wait to try out the full release coming out later this spring. Good stuff devs :) 

Great game! Shorter than I expected but it was still short n sweet. Enjoyed the art style and the bit of plot it had going on. Only problems I had was with the camera controls was kinda hard to see what was around you or what was in front of you in certain places making it hard to tell if the dinos are heading your way or walking towards you. Also I think that you should die in max two hits. I feel like three hits gives the player an easy out to outrun them and not be afraid of the damage taking. Overall though it was a great game to play and had fun. Keep up the good work devs :) 

Good game overall! I felt like the enemy didn't feel much of a threat at all to be honest, but aside from that I enjoyed everything about it. The style, writing, plot and models where all fun to interact with. Short but a fun sweet experience. Worth a try :) 

No problem! It was a pleasure playing the game :) 

A trippy, surreal experience. I really enjoyed the art style of this, the plot and unfolding the mystery as it went on deeper and deeper into the site was fun to do so as well. Everything about this felt great! Would for sure tell you to play it and experience it yourself :) 

It was a pleasure! Keep up the good work!

What can I say, I  truly LOVED the experience I had playing this, Such a shame it ended so shortly as it did. Loved the art style and gameplay was fun. I thought the first level could use a bit more lighting in it as it felt quite to dark and also perhaps provide an option for subtitles as it was sometimes hard to hear what characters where saying during combat as the combat sounds overpowered the voice characters. Aside from that though I had a total blast playing it!

Thank you! 
And I'm  glad I did understand it haha. 

I'll be straight up and start off by saying I was extremely dumb in this video, took forever to clue into the number I needed to open the lock and also finding the right doors to go into when it was obvious as days shows I was just being a big dum dum lol. But that outta the way. this was a fun n short experience. I enjoyed it for what it was and the short plot that it had was nice. I think I understood it? Not sure but I hope I did haha. 

Loved the way the game looked graphical. Short but sweet. A bit laggy at times but can't fault the devs since it was made very quickly. With a bit more work to it if they had the time this would be great. But overall it was a fun experience escaping the evil goon. 

Video starts at 12:20. I swear I have no idea where you could have hidden all those pages lol. But the twist ending was really great! Wish the noise for the frequency was a bit louder but I guess its meant to be low. Overall good game that actual got me scared at the end haha. 

Video starts at 3:48. I liked the overall mystery and ending to this game, caught me off guard. Platforming was a bit confusing with the candles but that's prolly me just being bad at video games. Overall can't say much to not spoil much :) Good stuff devs! 

Welp! Don't wanna ruin anything so let's just say the game is short and sweet and you should for sure check it out, or watch my video, up to you :) 

Loved the art style in this! Extremely cute. Really enjoyed the story as well, took a while for me to fully get engaged with it but when I did I couldn't wait to see what happened! Great game and can't wait for the full release :) 

Very fun horror game! Really enjoyed the mystery and twist to it at the end. Good stuff :) 

Extremely fun fps game! Loved the posters situated around the map! Gameplay was fun and easy to learn.  Music was just a banger! Good stuf overall! Give it a try!

Loved everything about this! Very well done! Had a blast playing it all the way through and wasn't bored one bit at all :) ! 

This game had me DYING inside! Great graphics, sounds and good use of the monster placements makes this a must player :) !

Short but fun! The noises towards half way through the game got to me pretty good! Had me thinking something was following me. Will be trying out Ghost Study later as well! 

Loved every little bit about this short game! The monster, the cargo team squad, the way everything looked just hit the right spot for me. Short but extremely fun experience. I can't wait to see more !

A short but sweet horror game. Loved the subtle story telling and the style of the game. Great stuff!