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there should be a sandbox mode where you can customize your own gun BEFORE going into it! great game also.

the "take a look at this asset pack" isn't a link... is that just me?

feels a bit janky ecpecially when u have big sword in small places. Apart from that good game.

can you kill shopkeeper angel person?

challenge accepted >:)

um... that link didn't work for me but this new one does... maybe that one is outdated?


i am a chrome player and i just turn down everything in the main menu "options" tab

"you sure about this bro?" - nice touch XD

what is the zipline glitch?

I might have beaten it because i found a grind trick... the only thing is that i forgot to reload and that killed me XD

true. I just thought it might run better (for me) if I downloaded the file... probably not true and I'm just very dumb. sorry to bother you.

(also, do you think you could add a new setting that just like automaticaly sets the settings and stuff for the least ammount of fps lag? it used to run just fine for me. but these days it lags a lot... and again, sorry to bother you and (probably) be an anoying no brainer.

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btw, If i forgot to say, great game!!!!!!!!

The edge of the game goes of the screen. when you start playing it goes to normal, but yeh. I am playin on chromebook in case u wanted to know.

:) happy to help with the game :)

This is such a great game, but I have one question. Is there a way to download the html file?

also, the screen doesn't fit for me. Is it just me? (great game btw)

Maybe add a guest option?

oh, thanks for letting me know!

is there a version without the sword? I think it is great with, but I think for what Ima use it for it's might be better without sword

it also does it for meh


Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic Glitches

Hi :) there is a bug where you spawn  on something that kills you and you can't save yourself. Just saying. Great game!

web. 016.2a



wait, ure derptin?

GREAT game

Hello! This is a great game, but there is one thing.

I don't know if this is on purpose, but maybe take the jumping script and put it sepratly from the rest of the script or something because the player can't jump and walk at once...

I really love the concept, and the game! Are you still developing this?