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Aurora Borealis at this hour, at this time of year, at this latitude... in your kitchen? ... or something like htat.

Can't get past the control instructions... also, it's only a representative feline monarchy. The real power lies with the cat prime minister.

That first character is upset because the protagonist only might have pretended to have the same interests as him. That is a misrepresentation of the gay cruising scene. A close friend of mine (not me, I'm happily married to a female woman with an attractive vagina) once told me that gays do not care at all. We just want to hook up with whomever, no talking.

Appreciate the effort, but earf is flat

There surely must be some rest for the wicked...

Guys, please be aware that each click is like 5mg of Co2 created. Please consider evening it out by liking and subscribing to Greta Thunberg (TM)'s Twitter: @realGretaThunberg. Baby seals all over the world will thank you.

We have 5 days to undo global warming--4, if you're making a fuss about it.

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I don't get it. I rebuild the initial structure and the little flash above my cooling towers remains red. What gives? Or for PhD laureates: wherefore implies the givance?

I already suck at 2-dimensional puzzles. What makes you think I'd enjoy 4-d?

"I sort of lost motivation"--say no more, I totally get you, fam.

...but this working in my browser ain't one.

Peace out.

"If you're using Safari, please check the prevent cross-site tracking option in the tab settings." -- nice try, Corpo.

"Life is short, make it fun." -- I disagree. Life is way too long. I'm kinda done.

Sorry,... thought it said Matzoh Generator. Nevermind. Shalom.

Nice try, Pope, but I'm not joining!

Enjoyed the game a lot. Nice graphics and gameplay keeps you engaged., I'm a Mathmagician.

Shhhh... too loud!

I have to do laundry, but I can't get myself to begin. Let's play laundry simulator.

I tried to click on the flaw. Then I realized it's in my life. I can't click on it. Nice game, though.

Margret, stop playing online games and put the kids to bed.

Falling Lightblocks community · Created a new topic Nice

Oh, cool, I received this with Super Vasiliy Comrades on my Nogorody Entertainment System.

Nice, a-hole.

also this: Recursive instantiation of assets/Level 5.glb

sometimes get this error: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'setLevel')

God bless you for voicing the text.

I always start out thinking I'd read all the dialogue... i don't :-(

I have PTSD flashbacks over the Skype ringing sound. I haven't used Skype in about 2 years now.

I love to demolish them. We should exchange numbers.

FED is more powerful than God. Try ignoring the Ten Commandments, then try ignoring your credit score.

When I know -> hungry. When I don't know -> horny. Emotions 101.

Be kind to myself? Why would I do that? I'm a dick.

because tiny game engines only allow keyboard input.

OMG, I never knew... I feel so sorry.

Just be confident, bro.

I clearly said, "no," to learning about consent, but once it happened, I kinda enjoyed it.

CETF - Clicking ends the FED!

Eh, have no time. Have to work.