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I struggle on that too


How the heck does the fuse box code work? i cant figure out how to keep all 6 lights on

and i think i know just the site.

heh. imagine if Cs or csgt mezz get a ai chat. 

well All the charcaters from different versions be put together one day? cause some of the achievements


you know. itchio can be downloaded on the computer

i mean on the itch io app thing

It wont let me play!  No matter what button i press, it wont work! FIX THIS PROBLEM!

Wheres the build!?

hmm. maybe dont over work yourself. work on what you can do per week and plan when to update

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if i remember, it was uploaded in FA

oh i just remembered. some time ago i uploaded a halloween pic of my oc dressing up As mezz. i even included the ear clips.

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Wha!?  😱 Ah man that stinks.  :( But if ever need help, we would be glad to. but it your game your choices.

Oh that would sound Awesome!  and what you mean adventure of its own? like all chapters will be put together into one Big game?

and i wasn't trying to advocating. maybe i thinked out loud.

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well i saw a user replying that they don't have a bank account.  and sadly i dont have one either.  so i feel so unlucky. ah well.

yeah i dont have a bank account either

i'll just wait

and i not advanced with technology so moving stuff like coding all new to me...

ah man! pay to play? thats disapointing :(

i dont mean for phone. heres what i look like. it downloadable for pc. 

and as for the previous thing. does it the methord work with the itch/io app? or do i need to download it from the website?


i'll just wait

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um can you explain it more clearly? autistic and learning disability. plus i tried to get to chapter 2 but idk how.

Or do i need to uninstall and reinstall

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so in other words you need to start a new game to play both chapters? any old saved game files dont work? or games you saved After the update can have chapter 2?

pc. and when i press esc of tab once, it not show the phone. and when 2nd click. it put the phone away.

bug problem report.
the phone thing might be broken after the beer pong thing

has anyone been able to install? cause i think the install thing is empty

so where mostly the melee weapons?

found a bug or problem. when i try to look into jakes name, it closes the game.

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FIX V1.4! it talking about third party error thing. 

gl. do as much as you can while Not over doing it

i wondering how to get that setting

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Does it work on Windows? i downloaded itch,io And when i try to install, That where the error happens


idk. it wont show any