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your welcome.

if you need title, location or enemy or route ideas, we'll be here if you ever get a creative block.


rest well

yeah and even when i allow uninstall to come, it Still wont uninstall the game. It's like I have this game forever! I should NEVER have choose the .Exe file!

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reinstsallled and Yep, its still missing. (update) I found it But acocrding to the settings, it says it has a virus or something

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yep. and oddly it Worked. But NOW I CANT UNINSTALL! Is this a perminant  App thing!?

Idk. it happens when i use the app.

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well simple. everytime i click on launch. instead of loading the game, It Straight up cut off and Not let me have the chance to try or Play.

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This game feels like Its pointless! Everytime i try launching after downloading/instaslling, IT DOESNT PLAY!

the "AlteredInstaller 0.0.2.exe" version is Broken OR A DARN SCAM! bet All the other installers are broken too! Either Fix the game Or STICK TO TIMBERWOODS! THIS IS NOT GETTING 5 STAR RATINGS! 


how many times to be exact?

i have a Very odd feeling that The red eyes are gonna be in the Final game and the last type mezz will face.

sounds clever.

so it gonna be Thursday the 11th of April? or Friday the 12th?

Oh man...............

ok then

well i mean this one. and great to hear

and adding this 2nd pack to the game will take same ammount of days as the 1st pack?

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sounds cool. we may not know what version it will be in but i know it sound great

dont count your chickens yet


after the bunbat in the vent, it stopped me playing afte rleaving the vent

I cant make codes

good luck

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there this error happening suddenly. is it cause they updating now?

hey hey. how was your christmas?

i struggle too

I cant sell anything! Can you fix the prices on the vending machine sell prices? It so annoying how when you sell you dont get credits

whats that 4 way cross neat the end? is it for not just the club but also for the charm too?


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i can try help with that if you like. i do like drawing and discussing ideas

well now i'm interested in hearing about this event and how it works

what you mean? it was a question. u know what that water twinkles about?

hey one question. what happens if This happens?

I struggle on that too


How the heck does the fuse box code work? i cant figure out how to keep all 6 lights on

and i think i know just the site.

heh. imagine if Cs or csgt mezz get a ai chat.