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Haha No need to feel guilty! The point is to help encourage people to create things, if this helped motivate you then I think it’s a success all around.

I love the art and ideas in the book, inspiring work.

I love the concept, and making a physical version, a digital version, and a video tutorial for each all in one month is very impressive. I need to get some friends together to give this a shot!

You say on the page that the first level can’t be completed, but I feel like I just finished multiple levels worth of puzzles to get to the end! These are solid and well thought out, you should be proud of what you made here.

The art style reminds me of Genesis Noir, which is very cool. It’s a tense little adventure, but I was glad to return to my cauldron :)

I’ve never played Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls before, but you’ve made a compelling argument for it here. This is a fun hook and it really feels like an N64 throwback.

This is incredible! The platforming, art, and music were all great, but it was the cohort sprites and writing that stole the show for me. 3 biomes and a boss fight is a hell of an accomplishment for a game jam.

Taking a new box, filling it up, and sealing it is a weirdly satisfying loop. At first I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the items (just like when I pack in real life!) but a little while later I had the whole house packed up and I only broke one precious family memory in the process! Hooray!

Simple but effective! I get Myst / Control vibes with the floating and open ended exploration (plus the liminal space). It’s a fun little game!

Since the description isn’t shared on the Jam Submission page, I’m just going to post the controls just in case:

Arrow Keys / WASD - Move

Spacebar - Confirm / Jump

Esc / P - Pause

R - Restart Current Room

Please enjoy!

I’m not sure who gets the credit for how clever this is, but it’s very clever. I actually felt myself anticipating the DQ at the end, and the big unique sprite was worth the wait!

Love the art and vibe. Very creative concept, makes me wish I had a better sense of rhythm, but it was still satisfying even for me. 10/10 post credit reward.


The art is really good, and combined with the audio it creates a really cool vibe. Very unique gameplay concept too, nice work!

Cute environment and a solid foundation, good work! I like the cat :)

I am shocked how well you all managed to nail a mood in one month, this is a fun halloween adventure. And the number of unique art assets and easter eggs is nuts! Great job!