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Thanks for playing, and for the feedback! We were definitely planning on localizing Wooden Nickel into various languages, but as it's not currently under active development, we're not able to localize the demo.

Glad you enjoyed it!

That's great! Glad it helped!

Hi @d2clon,

That's a lower-end computer, but I bet you can still get it running. When launching Wooden Nickel, hold down the Option key, and you'll be presented with a graphics configuration dialog. Try lowering the resolution and the anti-aliasing settings, that should help. Regarding quitting the game, Command-Q will close it at any time.

Wooden Nickel's visual simplicity is deceptive—the game is made up of vector graphics that have been converted to meshes, which results in a more CPU-intensive game than would traditional sprite-based graphics. The upside is that it's resolution independent and takes  up far less disk space.

Hope this helps!

- Brain&Brain

Thanks, SenZoa! And apologies for the bug: it is a known issue, but it’s been a very stubborn one. :/

We hope so, too! Thanks so much for playing and for making it through what looked like most of Moby Dick. ;)

Thanks, Adam!

Thanks so much! ^_^

You're welcome! Hope you enjoy!

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Sorry to hear that! This might be due to the retina resolution your computer is trying to run the game at.

If you hold down the Option key while launching the game, you'll be given a configuration dialog. Try lowering the anti-aliasing setting (on the right), and if the frame rate is still too low, try selecting a non-retina resolution. For your MBP model, 1440x900 would be a good one to try.

Hope that helps! Also, feel free to follow up at

I just tested the version, and it launches on my system. Which macOS version are you running? Could you send your player.log file to You can find it here: /Users/<user Name>/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log


Hi locritter, sorry about the trouble! What platform are you playing on? And what is the launch error?

This is great. Thanks, Kathryn!